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Shin flooring has won the title of Shanghai famous trademark for four consecutive times

recently, the trademark of solid wood flooring time-honored brand "Anxin flooring" has been continuously recognized as "Shanghai famous trademark" by the Shanghai famous trademark review and Adjudication Board, which is valid from 2013 to 2015. "Anxin flooring" trademark, as a continuing recognized trademark, once again won the title of Shanghai famous trademark. It is understood that this is the fourth consecutive time that Anxin has won the honor since it won the title of "Shanghai famous trademark" in 2004. At the same time, there are time-honored brands such as zhangxiaoquan, Maochang, leiyunshang, Johnson & Johnson, Huili, Guanshengyuan, Laofengxiang, Meilong Town, Strauss, etc

xuhuajun, deputy director of Qingpu District Administration for Industry and commerce, and relevant leaders of the trademark advertising section personally visited Anxin Weiguang (Shanghai) Wood Co., Ltd. and awarded the license to Chairman Lu Weiguang. Lu Weiguang said that the company will continue to work hard, actively promote the quality supervision of the whole life cycle of goods and the source quality control of suppliers, and adhere to providing more environmentally friendly and high-quality flooring products for the majority of consumers

"made in Shanghai" is a complex in people's hearts

a few years ago, Shanghai was a place where famous brands all over the country gathered. From watches, sewing machines, bicycles, televisions, etc., "made in Shanghai" is a synonym for excellent quality and reassuring use. Hearing the honor of "famous trademark of Shanghai" is not strange, and you will be able to quickly jump out of your mind several brands, such as "Phoenix Bicycle" "White rabbit milk candy", "Baique" and so on, these brands are familiar, deeply loved by the majority of audiences

however, in the 1990s, facing a series of challenges such as economic transformation, market competition, state-owned enterprise restructuring, many brands encountered development bottlenecks. In the following 10 years, the municipal government has launched a series of supporting policies such as special fund incentives for accelerating the construction of independent brands. The industrial and commercial departments have implemented strong market protection, and the construction of enterprise brands in Shanghai has entered a period of rapid development

today's famous trademark in Shanghai is synonymous with technology and quality to some extent. In recent years, Shanghai has attached great importance to trademarks and believes that trademarks have a close interaction with urban development, and trademarks contain great value. The Shanghai Administration for Industry and Commerce has been committed to exploring and innovating the administrative supervision mode of trademarks, taking the lead in formulating the Interim Measures for the recognition and protection of famous trademarks in Shanghai in the country, fully ensuring the gold content of "famous trademarks in Shanghai". There are 405 famous trademarks in Shanghai in the latest edition, which are divided into two categories: new recognition (133 items) and continuous recognition (272 items)

Shanghai famous trademark, authoritative and high gold content

the following conditions must be met in applying for "Shanghai famous trademark": the trademark registration and actual use must be more than three years; The trademark is widely used in a wide range of areas, has a high reputation in the domestic market, and is widely known by the public; The goods referred to in the trademark are of excellent quality and can remain stable for a long time; The output, sales, profits, market share and other major economic indicators of the goods or services referred to in the trademark are among the best in the same industry; Trademark publicity covers a wide range of areas, with remarkable results; The trademark owner has good business conditions and business performance, has no bad records in the consumer rights and interests protection committee, industry associations, quality supervision departments, industry and commerce departments, and trademark management departments, has a strong trademark awareness, and pays attention to the use, management, and protection of trademarks; The trademarks of exported goods are registered in many countries (regions) and have a wide range of sales areas. In terms of procedure, the application for "Shanghai famous trademark" needs to be reviewed and recommended by the industrial and commercial departments at all levels, reviewed, investigated and verified by the office of the Accreditation Committee, and consulted by many parties. Finally, the Accreditation Committee jury composed of more than 20 experts from various administrative functional departments will produce the accreditation results in the form of voting and scoring, which will be announced by the Shanghai Administration for Industry and commerce

the winning of the famous trademark in Shanghai is one of the most valuable awards given to the company by the government after the online rumors incident of Anxin in 2012. Because the review of famous trademarks in Shanghai is very strict, and this review reflects three characteristics: first, the review is carried out according to the measures of Shanghai for the recognition and protection of famous trademarks, which further reflects the standardization of the review. Second, the members of the review committee are more social than before, reflecting the impartiality of the review. Third, after this review, the total number of famous trademarks in Shanghai has exceeded 1000, and the number has reached a new level

it is understood that the official website of Shanghai Administration for Industry and Commerce issued an announcement, which was approved by the review meeting of Shanghai famous trademark review and Adjudication Board. Only 405 trademarks were recognized as Shanghai famous trademarks, of which 133 were newly recognized and 272 were continued. The term of validity is from January 1st, 2013 to December 31st, 2015





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