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Now the style of sprinklers on the market is more and more new, and the replacement speed is very fast. In particular, the function is getting stronger and stronger. So when consumers are shopping, how do they know what kind of shower is the best for their home

now the style of sprinklers on the market is becoming more and more new, and the replacement speed is very fast. In particular, the function is getting stronger and stronger. So when consumers are shopping, how do they know what kind of shower is the best for their home

most people would suggest choosing a shower. If a large shower has a large amount of water, the human body feels comfortable. If you like to enjoy it and don't care about the water fee, you can choose. Large shower and hand-held shower (nozzle that can be taken down) are generally installed at the same time. You can buy large shower and ask for hand-held nozzle

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then look at some skills and common sense that experts taught me to choose flower showers in such a specific way

look at the spray effect

from the appearance, the shape of the shower seems similar, and the spray effect must be considered when selecting. A good shower can ensure that the spray of each small orifice is balanced and consistent, and can ensure a smooth and dripping shower effect under different water pressures. When selecting, you can test the water to see whether the spray flow is uniform

second, look at the spray mode

the internal design of the shower is also different. When selecting the hand-held shower, in addition to its spray effect, the spray mode of the hand-held shower can also be divided into LASIK and massage. Generally, the spray mode can bring more ideal shower pleasure. Anhua bathroom follow your heart technology, hand-held shower can choose the appropriate spraying mode according to your mood: natural and comfortable rain type, energetic massage type, comfortable and warm spray type, smooth and soft water column type, water-saving dripping type. Follow your heart according to your mood “ Bath &rdquo

third, look at the surface coating

the coating quality of the shower not only affects the quality and service life, but also affects the usual cleaning and hygiene. The shower is generally chrome plated on the surface, and a good coating can be at 150c° Keep the high temperature for 1 hour, without blistering, wrinkling, cracking and peeling; The 24-hour acetic acid salt spray test does not corrode. When selecting, you can see its gloss and smoothness. The bright and smooth shower shows that the coating is uniform and of good quality

look at the ceramic valve core

the valve core affects the use feeling and service life of the sprinkler. A good sprinkler adopts the ceramic valve core, which is smooth and frictionless. When selecting, you can twist the switch by hand, and the comfortable and smooth feel can ensure the smooth and reliable performance of the product during use. Anhua bathroom Shun “ Core ” Technology, with ceramic valve core, 500000 times of trouble free, super large operating rotation angle, the cold and heat regulation process of water temperature is more smooth, gradual and accurate, bringing more ideal shower enjoyment

secondly, there is another way to choose and buy

first of all: water outlet. In fact, for the shower, the way of water directly affects the feeling of bathing. For the past general style and strong beam style, the five stage massage shower launched on the market is more popular. It can freely adjust a variety of strength modes such as strong style, gentle style, moderate style, mixed style, etc. water can also be sprayed by massage, fineness, rotation and other ways to relax the body

second: self-cleaning effect. For previous showers, most of the water outlet holes were hidden inside, but now most of the water outlet holes are exposed outside. According to the water quality characteristics of the north, the rubber water outlet holes are easier to clean, and it is not easy to generate scale. It is more convenient to clean when taking a bath at ordinary times, and it can be wiped with hands or cloth. In addition, the water outlet holes are highlighted outside, and the shower water will be more natural

finally: water saving function. When consumers buy sprinklers, the problem of water conservation is naturally mentioned by them. The steel ball valve core used in the shower, coupled with the hot water controller, can adjust the inflow of hot water into the mixing tank, so that the hot water can flow out quickly and accurately. Using new technology, it can not only save water, but also does not affect the comfort of bathing. Generally, the shower with reasonable design saves 50% water than the ordinary shower




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