Removal of the traveling fault of the hottest load

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Removal of loader traveling fault

the operating rate of a zl30e lithium battery industry gradually recovers. When the loader works at night, it is a strange but tasteless piece. Suddenly, the shift pressure of all gears is too low to walk, and the shift pressure fluctuates violently in neutral gear; After a period of rest, the fault is automatically eliminated, and after a period of work, the fault reappears

since the transmission of this machine has been put into use for only more than 2 months, the possibility of simultaneous internal leakage of clutches in all gears is very small, and the pressure fluctuates violently in neutral gear, indicating that the pressure of the main pressure regulating valve of the torque converter is unstable or the oil from the torque converter is insufficient. At this time, the insufficient oil indicates that the oil supply of the travel pump is insufficient, which is likely due to insufficient oil suction or damage of the pump

first, check the oil suction filter of the travel pump. After removing the filter, it was found that there was a large amount of aluminum powder on the filter surface, which led to insufficient oil absorption of the walking pump, and the insufficient oil supply of the walking pump led to too low shift pressure, which eventually led to the loader unable to walk. According to the operator, the oil temperature of the loader was always high and the traction force was not large. In view of the large amount of aluminum powder in the hydraulic transmission oil with high oil temperature, we infer that there may be a problem with the pump wheel and turbine of the torque converter

remove the connecting bolts between the torque converter and the engine, lift out the torque converter and disassemble it for inspection. It is found that the bolts fixing the turbine are loose, causing the turbine to move axially. After removing the turbine, it was found that the nuts fastening the pump wheel and guide wheel were also loose, which could also cause the pump wheel and guide wheel to move axially; At the same time, it was found that the end faces of the pump wheel and turbine had been ground into fish scales. During repair, we first ground the end faces of the pump wheel and guide wheel, tighten the nuts of the pump wheel and guide wheel, and clean the pump wheel, guide wheel, turbine shaft and other parts; Turn off the turbine by 1.5mm along the axial direction with a lathe, sharp and blunt; After cleaning all parts, install the turbine and tighten the turbine bolts; Adjust the clearance between pump wheel and turbine; It is also the most direct way for Koizumi to thoroughly clean the transmission housing, walking pump suction filter, housing and return oil filter. Then, install all parts and components as required and test the machine. At this time, the range covers GB, ASTM, DIN, JIS, BS... And other gears. The oil pressure is normal, the traction force is much higher than that before repair, and the oil temperature is normal, indicating that the fault has been eliminated

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