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Iezman: the perfect combination of remote KVM control of power supply and system recovery and backup management

on April 28, 2010, thousands of miles away from Shanghai, the computer had a blue screen, which was a nightmare for it managers. As a leading industrial control manufacturer in the world, Weiqiang industrial computer perfectly combines remote KVM control of power supply with simple system recovery and backup management, and solves the urgent needs of IT managers. Based on Intel q57 and qm57 chipsets supporting Intel AMT 6.0, Weiqiang industrial computer has developed a series of computing platforms iezman to support KVM function management. Weiqiang and Symantec jointly developed a new system recovery and backup application solution, one key recovery. All q57 and qm57 series products of Weiqiang can be remotely controlled through Weiqiang iezman and one key recovery

what is iezman

Weiqiang iezman application provides complete out of band KVM functions, which can fully control the keyboard and mouse, and be visible through video output on the remote system. Based on Intel AMT 6.0, it is hardware based, so the video output on the remote system is always visible, even in the case of crash or disk loss

iezman application is convenient for remote users. Through the graphics on windows, users can remotely control or perform management tasks with the continuous display of new raw materials, new singers and new works. After entering this interface through password, you can manage all functions. Weiqiang iezman application provides IT departments with remote client management, out of band (OOB) diagnosis and asset query functions. Therefore, the remote management platform can reduce TCO and improve efficiency in any system power supply or operating system environment

iezman function:

power management remote system power on/off or reset system

power schedule management setting system startup time or shutdown time

remote access startup CD-ROM, optical drive or ISO backup, Or enter or even some small machines to group remote computers in bios

group management to facilitate monitoring and management

patch management to install patches to remote computers

active alarm in case of alarm and event system failure

Mini itx SBC kino-qm57 in Weiqiang products, compact embedded fan free industrial upgrading system ecn-581, and integrated Tablet PC afolux-15/17/19c-qm57 Equipped with iezman application

Weiqiang one key recovery solution

Weiqiang's unique one key recovery solution includes a proprietary technology. With the click of a button, the operating system can be backed up and restored. The one click recovery installation CD attached to all products such as Weiqiang's single board computer, embedded system and tablet computer are pasted with the official certification of Weiqiang and support Windows PE 2.0. In case of system failure, the one click recovery software can create all system backups and restore the system settings to the backup state or factory default state without the need for additional backup and recovery tools

with the one key recovery solution, all migration tasks can be completed through the remote control center, reducing maintenance costs and it management costs. It personnel and management personnel do not need to mirror, back up and migrate the system. Therefore, Weiqiang's one click recovery system simplifies the process of mirroring and migration, saving time and cost. Please note that Weiqiang's one click recovery software can only be applied to Weiqiang's products. If you run it on the products of other companies, you will be prompted that you are an illegal user

iezman and one key recovery solutions are equipped with Intel q57 or qm57 chipsets and Intel AMT 6.0, which are the best choice for remote control and system backup and recovery

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