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The transmission and processing scheme of remote monitoring signal for truck crane

can bus is one of the most widely used field buses in the world, which can collect the data output by sensors in real time. C actively and creatively carried out the work of the special committee. The an bus detected the signals of each sensor through the Ican module, and input the data into the on-board computer through the CAN bus for analysis and processing. The working state of the system was displayed and the electronic change indicator was developed in cooperation with Beijing Iron and Steel Research Institute on the man-machine interface, which timely warned and recorded the dangerous working conditions in the operation of the truck crane, and realized the on-site monitoring of the truck crane. Under dangerous working conditions, can bus can perform automatic diagnosis and troubleshooting through real-time control of output module and with the assistance of automatic diagnosis system and remote monitoring center, so as to achieve the purpose of preventing accidents. It also provides a reliable basis for the accident analysis and treatment of new molded composite materials used for solid components

wireless signal transmission

if the crane has a compact structure, it is difficult to arrange lines. In addition, the complex signal connection will also cause difficulties for the maintenance of the truck crane, so the wireless signal connection is also one of the development directions of the truck crane in the future

at present, Bluetooth technology has been developed more mature, with stable and reliable signal and low price. Bluetooth technology has been widely used in computers, automobiles and military vehicles. Most and other mobile devices use the powerclass2 Bluetooth module. The standard transmission distance is 10 meters, and the communication distance between the Bluetooth adapter and the Bluetooth adapter can reach 100 meters. Such communication distance can basically meet the requirements on the truck crane. Moreover, the Bluetooth system supports point to multipoint communication, so the Bluetooth transmitter is installed on the sensor, and the data collected by the sensor can be wirelessly transmitted to the Bluetooth receiver on the on-board computer, which can not only realize the wireless data detection and transmission, but also improve the anti-interference performance of data transmission

there are pairing codes between Bluetooth devices, so Bluetooth is used to transmit data without signal interference. And the Bluetooth device is very small in size, which saves space

signal transmission process on the truck crane through the Bluetooth device: according to the strain of the strain gauge sensing mechanism, the sensor uses the follow-up circuit to convert the strain into voltage, then converts the analog signal into digital signal through the analog/digital conversion circuit, and sends it to the single chip microcomputer for processing, and the single chip microcomputer sends the signal to the on-board computer through the Bluetooth device

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