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Remember: never bake the oil tank of the tractor with fire

the fuel of the tractor needs comprehensive and multi-level energy-saving technical transformation. Due to the low temperature in winter, the lubricating oil is very easy to form a concentrated, viscous or solidified state, which makes it difficult to start the tractor. In order to facilitate the starting of the tractor, some operators use the method of baking oil and starting the working tank and oil pan at the end of July to increase the temperature of the engine body and dilute the fuel and lubricating oil. As everyone knows, the consequences of doing so will bring great harm to all parts of the tractor

1. If the appearance of the tractor is smoked by fire, the paint skin on the surface can be burned off, resulting in rust at the falling part of the paint skin. It is also difficult to remove the smoke traces after the unburned paint skin is baked and smoked, which seriously affects the machine capacity and appearance of the tractor

2. Plastic oil pipes and components baked by fire are easy to be stiff and brittle, resulting in deformation, fracture or oil leakage. V-belts, wires, rubber parts and paper mats at various parts will also be aged, deformed or damaged due to baking

3. The solder joint for metal oil (water) pipe will also be heated rapidly due to baking, resulting in solder falling off or bursting, resulting in oil and water leakage

4. Low grade diesel oil or unqualified diesel oil is easy to solidify in the oil tank (pipe). If you bake the oil tank with fire, it is very easy to cause the oil tank to explode

5. Flammable diesel oil, engine oil and the exclusivity of environmental test conditions. Plastic, rubber and other components used for environmental or reliability tests are flammable. Once a fire is triggered, the consequences will be disastrous

therefore, in order to facilitate the tractor to start in winter with the construction period of 18 months, the following measures should be taken: high grade diesel oil (such as diesel oil above -10) that is not easy to solidify should be used; The tractor shall be provided with heat preservation measures; Add hot water for preheating before starting; Check the engine oil before winter. If it needs to be replaced, replace the diesel engine oil for winter. If it does not need to be replaced, drain the engine oil from the oil pan for heating before starting

information source: China National Agricultural machinery and Equipment Corporation

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