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The latest heavy machinery statistics show that the profit of the mining machinery industry has increased significantly in the first 10 months of 2009, with an increase of 30.44%, and the profit margin of main business has also increased by 6.17%. Xushanji, executive director of China Heavy Machinery Industry Association, believes that although the international financial crisis has had a great impact on the heavy machinery industry, with the support of the national policy of stimulating domestic demand, most enterprises have adopted structural adjustment, strengthened the competitiveness of advantageous and characteristic industries, and continuously explored domestic and foreign markets, which has promoted the rapid and steady growth of the heavy machinery industry

energy demand has strongly boosted a series of measures taken by the state to deal with the financial crisis, "said Holtzberg of composite castings Co., Ltd. from West Palm Beach, Florida, which is an umbrella and booster for the mining machinery industry, thus driving the development and growth of a number of mining machinery enterprises. In the current environment, the demand for energy for economic development is more urgent than ever, and the upsurge of mine construction and the "boom" of the mining equipment market caused by these demands are also particularly noticeable

with the coming of China's new energy revitalization plan and the adjustment of relevant development goals, it is expected that China's total investment in new energy will exceed 3trillion yuan by 2020. At that time, investment in the new energy sector will mainly rely on market forces rather than direct government investment

for a long time, China's energy structure dominated by coal determines the construction idea of large-scale coal mines. Under the environment that the government pays unprecedented attention to energy efficiency and energy conservation, the construction of large-scale open-pit coal mines will be one of the key development directions of China's energy construction. Insiders pointed out that as the state strengthens the construction of mine resources, the popularity of mine construction undoubtedly provides good market opportunities for major manufacturers of mining equipment. China's mining equipment manufacturing enterprises have also taken measures to strive for a larger share in the mine construction cake. It is no doubt that too much weight has seized this great opportunity

large open pit equipment is a national major technical equipment that needs to be localized urgently, and it is also a key field for the revitalization of equipment manufacturing industry. However, the current situation in China is that more than 80% of the excavator market is controlled by foreign capital, and only small and medium-sized excavators can be produced in small batches. There is a strong market demand for high-end mining equipment in the market

the wk-55 mining excavator produced by Taiyuan Heavy Industry has good performance, which is also the reason why it has been recognized by the market. It is reported that the equipment is the key equipment in the complete set of equipment for large open-pit mines with a capacity of more than 20million tons in China, and can meet the mining conditions of all open-pit mines in the world today. From the perspective of excavator terminal, the daily unit output of wk-55 excavator is higher than that of foreign equipment, but the price is only 70% of that of foreign equipment. It has a good cost performance. While increasing the production capacity, the equipment price is also more economical

the localization of large excavators has improved the benefits of the enterprise. Because the mining machinery is in a high-intensity operating environment, many products adopt the method of people not stopping the machine and taking turns. They pay attention to timeliness and create more economic benefits in the short term. For high-intensity work, once there is a problem with the accessories, each function operates independently. Foreign accessories have a long supply period from production to manufacturing, and the price is expensive, which often affects the normal business activities of the enterprise. However, domestic enterprises have convenient contact, short delivery time and perfect after-sales service, which saves customers' costs. In recent years, many western multinational companies have accelerated mergers and acquisitions and strengthened their control over important global mineral resources. In particular, multinational mining companies in developed countries have further strengthened their control and influence on the market with their strong strength in the new round of mergers and acquisitions. At the same time, the increasing degree of monopoly of these companies has also increased the influence of suppliers on prices. At present, some international producers of important mineral resources are joining forces to control and influence the global market and achieve the purpose of joint pricing

in addition, these transnational energy and resource companies also control and guide the development direction of global mining technology, and guide technological innovation and technology transfer in the field of energy and resources. Since most of these companies have regional headquarters or R & D centers, they control and guide the development direction of global mining technology, and thus achieve control over global resources

with the development of global economy, the excessive monopoly of mineral resources will inevitably lead to the large-scale development of mineral resources machinery development. At present, the crushing and screening equipment in the traditional small and medium-sized process of mineral resources crushing and grinding can no longer meet the actual needs of large-scale production and development. Therefore, the production and processing of mineral resources urgently need to develop new and efficient large-scale crushing and grinding equipment

with the closure of a large number of small metallurgical, small coal mines and small cement enterprises in China, new large-scale concentrators, large-scale coal preparation plants and large-scale cement plants have been built one after another, which puts forward higher requirements for washing equipment and urgently requires washing equipment with large processing capacity, high separation efficiency and reliable operation

it is understood that the total industrial output value of China's metallurgical mining machinery industry reached 94.296 billion yuan from January to May 2009, a year-on-year increase of 24.63%. The prospect of automation and large-scale utilization of washing equipment is 10 points wide, and high-efficiency and energy-saving have become the key research topics for washing equipment manufacturing enterprises in the future. Environmental protection products will be the main force

now is the time when the world attaches great importance to environmental issues. Climate change, energy, environmental protection, low-carbon economy and other issues have become the constant concern of international enterprises. Polar 2 and polar 3 will follow. An insider pointed out that energy-saving and environment-friendly mining machinery products are the best medicine to deal with market risks in the future

although it is difficult to realize the recycling and comprehensive utilization of resources in the mining, smelting, manufacturing and other industrial sectors, domestic and foreign enterprises have created a variety of forms and methods of recycling and comprehensive utilization of resources, mainly including: first, realizing the recycling of resources in a variety of forms, including recycling, mutual benefit, feedback, link and decomposition; Second, improve the level of comprehensive utilization of resources in a variety of ways, including the simultaneous or separate utilization of multiple uses of a resource, the continuous utilization of emissions from the utilization of various resources, and the combination of the utilization processes of several related resources, so as to promote each other and improve the utilization efficiency; Third, comprehensively develop and utilize renewable energy

for environmental protection and energy-saving products, a professional told that slag treatment and steel treatment equipment will be the two potential markets in the future. It is understood that slag is an inevitable product of blast furnace ironmaking and steelmaking. For example, about 12%~14% of steel slag is produced per ton of steel. At present, the utilization rate of steel slag is about 10%. Therefore, the development of crushing and grinding equipment of diamond slag has a good development prospect, which will directly promote the recycling of slag resources

some experts pointed out that mining machinery must adjust its product series according to its actual situation, improve the technical level of large-scale environmental protection and energy-saving equipment, and also invest some funds to speed up the upgrading of products

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