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Setu Technology: build a new peak on bestprint China print

this exhibition, Shenzhen Setu Technology Co., Ltd. brought their secret weapon bestprint CTCP. For the plate making machine market where the competition is fierce and the service life of the experimental machine can be increased, bestprint CTCP is a wise choice. As a global leader in plate making technology of ordinary edition and UV edition, bestprint CTCP has four core values. The features of the lowest operating cost, the highest working efficiency, the longest equipment stability and service life, and the unique all-round plate making machine enable bestprint CTCP equipment to be based on the whole market, which is why hundreds of enterprises in China choose bestprint

1. Besprint uses a German laser, which is installed in a laser module and enters the exposure system after converging through optical fibers. The greatest advantage of this structure is that the attenuation of a single laser tube will not affect the exposure quality

2. Beisi printing is the only plate making machine using magnetic levitation platform. Its motion accuracy is +/-0.3 μ M. the greatest advantage of magnetic levitation is that it has no friction, can maintain motion accuracy for a long time, can be competent for day and night high-intensity production, and has no damage to the motion system

3. The water cooling system, the exposure system, motion system, control system and other important parts of the Beth printing equipment are all water-cooled. The Beth printing can be kept on for more than one month, which is inseparable from a good cooling system. Other equipment adopts relatively simple air cooling system, which can not emit heat in time. High intensity production leads to temperature, which is easy to cause equipment damage

the skill has helped to make Bess printing the strongest.

for the highly competitive plate making center, there are few successful cases of purple laser plate making machine; If there is no UV-CTP in the local area, thermal CTP can survive; If there is a UV-CTP plate making machine, thermal CTP is difficult to survive; In the fierce competition among many computer plate making machines, Beth India CTCP, which takes into account the common version and UV version, is the strongest

Shenzhen saitu Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech equipment supplier and service provider with a market leading position in the printing field. Its products include digital printing equipment, prepress equipment, workflow software, and solutions in traditional and digital environments. The products come from carefully selected technology partners in the global field, and the partners are all the essence of the field

if it is the right choice for you to introduce Bess India, it will be a wise move for you to join hands with Shenzhen saitu

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