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Schedule for relocation and entry of scheduled chemical enterprises in Henan Province

schedule for relocation and entry of scheduled chemical enterprises in Henan Province

start before the end of 2019 on January 10, 2019

, Start the relocation and transformation of existing heavy polluting enterprises in the built-up areas of the local city, such as chemical, coking and carbon enterprises

Su Dong, vice president and Secretary General of Henan Petrochemical Association, said that it is an urgent task for Henan Province to improve the quality of urban atmospheric environment, optimize the layout of urban industry and enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of the city. The issuance of the opinions defines the timetable for the relocation of chemical enterprises, accelerates the relocation and transformation of chemical enterprises in the built-up areas of the city, and promotes the coordinated development of urban industry and urban environment

according to Sudong, at present, more than 70 chemical enterprises involved in relocation and transformation have preliminary intention to move, change or eliminate. At the same time, more than half of the chemical enterprises above Designated Size in Henan Province have been in the chemical parks, and a number of highly competitive chemical parks have emerged in Puyang, Pingdingshan, Jiaozuo, Luoyang, Xuchang, Sanmenxia and other places. These parks will also become the "new homes" of these enterprises to be relocated

he mentioned that the petrochemical industry in Henan Province should be based on the actual industrial development, plan the industrial layout as a whole, strengthen policy support and guidance, give full play to the main role of enterprises, and promote the city based standard step by step and steadily and orderly. The unit responsible for drafting the standard: the relocation of chemical enterprises in the built-up area of Changzhou building materials research and Design Institute of China new building materials company, so as to promote the coordinated development of urban industry and urban environment. All enterprises should also proceed from the overall situation, improve the working mechanism, implement the work, clarify the division of tasks and time limit requirements, and earnestly do a good job in relocation and transformation and safe and stable production

the principals of some key chemical enterprises in Henan also said that the opinions are very beneficial to the integration of the chemical industry, especially to increase the relocation and transformation of enterprises, which is a good thing for enterprises and can promote them to further improve their competitiveness. However, there are also problems such as difficult relocation and reconstruction and difficult fund-raising. I hope the government can issue perfect and specific supporting policies

in this regard, the opinions proposed to strengthen the financial and tax policy support for the relocation and transformation of enterprises. All cities should raise funds through multiple channels to provide financial support for relocation and reconstruction projects; Encourage banks and other financial institutions to improve financial services according to the characteristics of enterprise relocation and transformation projects; Strengthen land policy support, strictly implement the standard of industrial land * transfer price, explore the flexible annual transfer and lease system of industrial land, and give priority to the land needs of relocated enterprises in industrial clusters or newly established industrial parks

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