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<11. Experimental fixture device: stretching, tightening, bending and shearing (optional); p> Rely on robot automation to ensure excellent quality and shorten beat time

Gurgaon was previously a small village in India. With its proximity to the capital New Delhi, Gurgaon has risen rapidly and now ranks among the fastest growing cities in India. Lumax Industrial Co., Ltd. is one of the first enterprises to settle in Gurgaon. In 1985, lumax built an automobile lamp factory in the local area, which is now one of the eight Indian branches of its auto parts company. Lumax has a share of more than 60% in the automotive lighting market in India. International well-known customers include John Deere, an American tractor manufacturer, and other companies. Domestic customers include Maruti Suzuki, Tata Motors, Mahindra & Mahindra and other major Indian automobile manufacturers. "The Indian auto market is growing at an annual rate of% Shabaj Singh, deputy general manager (project) of lumax Industrial Company, introduced while inspecting the Gurgaon assembly line, "the growth rate of lumax in recent three years has been around 25%, basically keeping up with the situation. In today's market environment, only by maintaining stable and rapid growth can we survive and develop." Lumax auto parts company has always been following the trend of production technology and is proud of it

In the 1990s, the company first invested in the production automation project and purchased 6 robots from the Japanese joint venture partner Stanley electric. From 1998 to 2005, lumax company successively added 6 robots to vacutek automation company in Taiwan, China. In 2006, lumax switched to ABB products. So far, 28 robots of IRB 140 and IRB 1410 have been purchased. Singh said: "when selecting suppliers, we consider four key factors: quality, cost, delivery capacity and after-sales service. ABB meets all these four requirements, so we have become their old customers."

hot melt adhesive BASF introduces composite technology adhesive for fiber reinforced composites

in the lumax factory, the main task undertaken by the robot is to use hot melt adhesive to bond headlamp components. One of the main businesses of Gurgaon factory is the assembly of Two Wheeler headlights. The products are mainly used for Hero Honda motorcycles. An ABB Robot is responsible for bonding the two main parts of the lamp body, lens and reflector. Six employees have received robot operation training, but in daily production, only one supervisor is required at any time. Other parts of the headlamp shall be assembled manually. Lumax also specially equipped an ABB Robot for training. A placard was hung on the ceiling above the robot, which read in bold: "everyone is responsible for product quality"

abb IRB 140 robot

production efficiency section although the growth of China's tire industry slows down, the section climbs

singh said: "The company does not introduce these robots simply to improve the process, but more importantly to meet a basic requirement. Therefore, our attitude towards the return on investment is different from that of many other companies. Of course, we have also calculated the general ledger. The average return on investment of each robot is about 39 months - but as an essential basic investment, this time is not much." According to the calculation of lumax, the production efficiency of ABB Robot is much higher than that of manual operation, which is equivalent to saving one hour per 8-hour shift. For example, the output of two wheeled headlights per hour is 300, and the output of robots can reach 345. In terms of beat time, the manual operation of two wheeled headlights is about 16 seconds, while that of robots is 12 seconds

stable and excellent product quality

from the overall situation of India, low skilled labor is relatively cheap, while high skilled labor is in short sometimes, and the cost is usually high. Indian enterprises interested in participating in international competition are increasingly aware of the importance of product quality. In order to achieve first-class quality, modern production equipment and facilities are indispensable. Singh said: "although production efficiency is important, we pay more attention to the quality and consistency of products. Robots should be wiped carefully if they must be wiped. This fully reflects its value in these two aspects. We believe that the whole company, not the individual, benefits from ABB robots."

why choose robots

● cost saving

● improve efficiency

● reduce the defective rate

● improve product consistency

● save one hour of labor per 8-hour shift on average

● 345 finished lamps of two wheeled vehicles are produced per hour, 45 more than manual operation

● beat time is 25% shorter than manual operation. (end)

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