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When purchasing important supporting hardware in the kitchen, remember not to lose too much because of too little

whether the function of the kitchen is practical or not is usually shown in some small details, which in turn depends on the quality of cabinet hardware, so they are important supporting parts in kitchen supplies. Remember not to "lose too much for small" when shopping. So how can I choose my own satisfied kitchen hardware

part1: it is more important for basic hardware to be durable and easy to handle.

in kitchen life, drawers and cabinet doors are used most frequently. The matching hardware includes hinge, handle, slide rail, etc., also known as basic hardware accessories. Their quality directly affects the use effect and service life. Generally, when selecting, it is better to use the quick snap in type with damping. Generally, such hardware has the characteristics of simple conditions and free switching

1. The drawer and cabinet door are easy to handle.

I am anxious to take things, but there are so many and heavy things in the drawer that opening the drawer becomes torture. And the cupboard door on one side will be disobedient and lax. Are you crazy at this time? This is because the hinge of the slide rail is not selected properly from the government level. The difference between them mainly lies in the material, principle, structure, equipment and technology. As long as you pay a little attention, you can know a thing or two by pulling the drawer

tipspvc brand is hs11300: the drawing method is related to the structure

the material of hardware is related to whether it will be deformed or rusted in the future, while the drawing method is related to the structure, mainly including hidden type, tube wheel type, steel ball type, etc. It is difficult for domestic slide rails and hinges to meet the corresponding requirements in the special environment of the kitchen. Even if it is good in a short time, problems will appear over time

2. Air support is convenient for taking things

you must find that the cabinet is the least utilized and inconvenient storage space among all cabinets. The pneumatic upturning air support is mainly used to support the upward opening of the cabinet door. It can open the cabinet door automatically and slowly as long as it is gently forced. There is no need to support the door panel with your hands, so it is more labor-saving and convenient to take things

tips: the upside down type is the gospel of the kitchen

the upside down type air support is the gospel for the kitchen with narrow space. However, due to the relatively complex process and frequent use of such hardware, it is very important to select high-quality products. It is suggested that a brand with a long history and good reputation should be preferred. Secondly, the height of the upper air support should be adjusted according to the height, which provides convenience for the test under different experimental conditions; For ease of use

part2: functional hardware is more considerate according to needs

pots and pans and other utensils in the kitchen are the most frequently used area in daily life. How to get rid of the mess in the kitchen? In addition to some basic hardware accessories, there are many functional hardware that can help you. Some skillfully use the corner basket of the horn space, and use the hooks and hangers of the wall space. However, this is not what every family needs. It mainly depends on their preferences and needs

1. Smart use of chicken rib space

l-shaped U-shaped kitchen bottom cabinet corner is the most tangled "chicken rib" space for many housewives, who always feel it is difficult to make full use of it. In fact, as long as you choose the right functional hardware, you can master everything. A suitable pull-down or rotary corner bottom cabinet or basket can make full use of the dead corner of the cabinet, store large cooking utensils, heavy dishes, etc., and it is also convenient to take them. Of course, there are also some embarrassing spaces for some cabinets due to the limitations of room type. You can also choose three side pull basket, ultra narrow pull basket, drawer pull basket, high-depth pull basket, etc. as auxiliary storage

tips: corner bottom cabinets

for the selection of corner bottom cabinets and corner pull baskets commonly known as "big and small monsters", it is better to choose those that can bear heavy loads, have thick materials, and have firm and flexible joints. Of course, it is more recommended to choose those with excellent quality and excellent brand

2. The key to selecting the handle

the handle is the key "person" connecting the cabinet door and drawer. It not only needs strong decoration, but also needs strong application of mechanical equipment such as lever. We usually choose handles according to the style of kitchen cabinets, such as ceramic, zinc alloy, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, plastic, logs, etc... the service life and cleaning of handles made of different materials are different. Generally, the handle after electroplating and classic painting has more wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant effects. In addition, the shape is also very important when selecting the handle. Sharp or too prominent handles are easy to bump into people, so pay special attention when using them

tips: handle shape, style, cleaning convenience

apart from shape and style, cleaning convenience is also very important. Secondly, the high-quality handle shall be able to bear a large tensile force, generally more than 6kg. In the humid environment, the handle of the cabinet should not be solid wood, otherwise it is easy to deform and mildew

3. Utilization of wall space

"the wall space is easy to use, and the storage of small things is no longer a worry!" When the limited space in the kitchen is "filled", housewives will feel helpless and helpless. Using the wall is the best way to expand. Individual and integral hooks and hangers can be installed on the wall where they are needed. They can not only store different knives and forks, chopsticks and spoons, mugs, and even small pots, bottles and cans... Simply make the kitchen orderly. In addition, there are some special hardware accessories that can be placed in the space below the upper cabinet to increase the storage space

tips: use wall space to expand kitchen storage

use wall space may be a good helper to expand kitchen storage. Ordinary hooks and hangers are of different materials and sizes, ranging from tens of yuan to hundreds of yuan. They are relatively affordable

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