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Jianglu heavy equipment Co., Ltd. continued to adhere to the operating principle of expanding the market outside and strengthening the management inside, solidly promoted the systematic lean management of the whole value chain, and continued to strengthen the market development of tower cranes in 2014, Improve internal control management. The division carries out T-type stripping planning and promotes the implementation of lean management strategy

2014, Jianglu heavy equipment Co., Ltd. continued to adhere to the business keynote of "expanding the market outside and strengthening the management inside", solidly promoted the systematic and lean management of the whole value chain, continued to strengthen the market development of tower crane, and improved the internal control management level

make scientific planning and promote the lean management strategy to take root

the management of Jianglu heavy equipment Co., Ltd. actively implemented the spirit of the two-level workers' Congress, took improving the level of lean management as one of the annual key work and performance monitoring contents, and compiled and issued several guiding documents such as 2014 internal control management and assessment measures, implementation rules for lean management improvement projects, and management regulations for cost saving and efficiency creation of functional business departments in combination with the actual situation and the company's reform and development requirements, Transform more abstract strategic concepts into quantifiable, assessable and concrete projects. Through systematic planning, the company has determined the first batch of 12 company level key lean improvement projects and 7 department level lean improvement projects from the aspects of lean R & D and design, lean marketing, lean manufacturing, cost control and other fields, and reported 2 lean improvement projects to Jianglu group. The company has made clear the completion objectives, subjects and time node requirements. At the same time, the functional business management departments are required to put forward internal improvement projects every month and include them in the special assessment. They should start with small things and focus on small things, so as to make a lot of small things, and promote the steady improvement of the lean management level. In 2014, the goal of the company's lean management improvement project was more than 2million yuan, and the manufacturing cost rate was about 6% lower than that in 2013, striving to achieve an overall loss reduction of million yuan

implement steadily to ensure that the lean management project is fruitful

Jianglu heavy equipment Co., Ltd. will deploy one point and implement nine points. The company attaches great importance to the monitoring of the lean management process. On the basis of clarifying the basic requirements of the implementation subject and quality progress, it especially emphasizes the supervision and guidance role of the company's leaders in charge and the business centralized management department to ensure the steady progress of various improvement work. First, determine the main monitoring items of functional business departments, inspect the business in charge every month, and directly publicize the evaluation results to the front line of the team for salary distribution, shorten the management chain and realize information symmetry; Second, strengthen the Department's duty performance and executive ability. We can find that there are different structural compliance and applicability evaluations in the pressure testing machine by conducting quarterly reviews on the implementation of the current system and the Department's duty performance, so as to ensure the effective operation of the internal control system; Third, combined with the Party member innovation project, refine and decompose the phased task indicators of the lean management improvement project to ensure the progress and quality of the project implementation. Up to now, the Department's monitoring items, internal improvement projects and comprehensive evaluation have successfully passed the trial operation stage, and have been effectively operated as a conventional means to improve the comprehensive execution; The first batch of lean management improvement projects have been fully launched and implemented. Among them, qtz315 tower erection has been completed for the tower crane logistics process optimization project. In June, the project was completed and accepted. It is predicted that the value saved will reach 800000 yuan/year

continuously improve and promote the perfection and optimization of lean management system

thoroughly implement the concept of lean management, translate the index requirements into the conscious actions of employees to deepen lean management, internalize them in mind and practice them externally, and continue to build a disciplined business team with "ambition, ambition and respect"; Continue to carry out the work of rationalization suggestions, focusing on the collection of suggestions and the implementation of effective suggestions. On the premise of ensuring the completion of the goal of "100% annual participation rate and more than 1 effective suggestion per capita", increase the proposal, implement the reward amount, and weaken the indicator assessment, so as to mobilize the enthusiasm of all employees to participate; Do a good job in the suggestions transformation project. Effective suggestions with great saving and creating value and obvious improvement effect can be transformed into company or department level lean management improvement projects for key supervision and implementation after being evaluated by the Lean Management Committee; Continuously advocating lean R & D and design, doing a good job of lean improvement and cost control from the source of technology and process, stimulating related businesses such as manufacturing and material procurement, and promoting the systematization of lean management will lead to some common fault construction; On the basis of the achievements in 2013, continue to do a good job in the construction of cost control system, which will greatly recover the orders of extruder enterprises this year, strictly implement the cost management and assessment measures, and timely solidify the improved process or quota to ensure long-term control; Solidly promote the "two innovations" and deepen the "three management" and other systematic work to ensure the realization of the company's annual business objectives and the gradual optimization and improvement of the internal lean management system, so as to ensure that the annual lean management has achieved practical results

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