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"Force to remove deposits, full load non-stop" -- Petronas youanli lubricant officially launched

"force to remove deposits, full load non-stop" -- Petronas youanli lubricant officially launched

China Construction machinery information

on June 27, Petronas youanli NEW product launch conference was held in Shanghai. The upgraded products of youanli contain the new viscguard ™ Weishun ™ Technology can effectively solve the problem of deposits in the engine and help truck drivers solve the problems encountered in daily driving. At the same time, this is also one of the major measures taken by Petronas in the field of commercial vehicle lubricants in China, which once again confirms that Petronas attaches great importance to the Chinese market

launch ceremony of Petronas youanli lubricating oil

invisible sediment, invisible killer of engine

in the highly competitive and efficient logistics market, whether the goods can be delivered in time and safely will directly affect the service quality and the long-term cooperative relationship with the shipper. Whether truck drivers, fleet managers or logistics companies, the condition of vehicles is crucial to them. According to China Lubricant information, Petronas, after years of market observation, found that unexpected failure time, usually manifested as engine failure and sudden breakdown on the way, is the most important and direct factor that delays the freight journey, leads to the company's reputation discredit, increases operating costs and affects future business opportunities

as the core component of the vehicle, there are many reasons for engine failure, but one of the most common reasons is engine sediment. These deposits include soot, soot, carbon deposition, sludge and other by-products produced in the process of diesel combustion, which cannot be directly seen by the naked eye, but they are the most easily ignored details during vehicle maintenance. It is like the "invisible killer" of the engine. If it is not controlled, it will lead to insufficient lubrication and increased wear of key engine components, resulting in a gradual decline in the service life of engine components, and even accidental anchor. Once the engine breaks down suddenly, not only the maintenance cost is high, but also it needs to spend a lot of time waiting for professional maintenance personnel. The goods cannot be delivered on time, which damages the reputation and affects the business. Therefore, protecting the engine and ensuring the normal and safe driving of vehicles are the key to reducing operating costs and achieving business success

live interactive experience area of the press conference

new viscguard ™ Weishun ™ Technology, in addition to deposition for engine power

Petronas youanli lubricant contains unique viscguard ™ Weishun ™ Technology can effectively inhibit the accumulation of engine deposits and maintain good oil viscosity, so as to significantly reduce the hidden danger of wear, prolong the service life of the engine, reduce maintenance costs, and help the business run continuously

according to international authoritative laboratory data, it contains unique viscguard ™ Weishun ™ Petronas youanli lubricating oil of science and technology is 89% better than API standard in viscosity stability and 64% better than API standard in wear resistance; The sediment control ability and corrosion resistance are also better than 50% and 90% of API standards, far higher than the average level of similar products in the industry. These data prove that youanli can effectively inhibit the accumulation of engine deposits, so as to significantly reduce the hidden dangers of wear and prolong the service life of the engine

Petronas lubricants has been paying attention to product research and development and the exploration of the latest technology for many years. In 2015, Petronas invested billion yuan to establish a research and development center in Turin, Italy, which has become the most advanced laboratory in Europe and the most advanced research and development center in the industry. Viscguard contained in Petronas youanli ™ Weishun ™ Science and technology is one of the products of many scientific and technological achievements of the R & D center. These world-leading R & D achievements will provide customers with the most high-quality and cutting-edge services

new product youanli show

ride the wind of industry recovery and sprint into China's commercial vehicle lubricant market

although with the slowdown of China's macroeconomic growth, China's commercial vehicle market has been in a downturn for some time. However, according to the recent 2016 data, the commercial vehicle market is gradually going through a trough and slowly warming up. Since March 2016, the production and sales of commercial vehicles have started to grow positively, with production and sales of 3.7 million and 3.65 million vehicles in the whole year, with year-on-year growth rates of 8% and 5.8% respectively. At the same time, under the environment of macroeconomic assistance, policy driving force and the attractiveness of the logistics industry, the heavy truck industry experienced a growth exceeding the industry's expectations in 2016

with the rapid development of China's economy and the continuous improvement of infrastructure such as highways, the freight logistics industry will usher in unprecedented opportunities. At the same time, the commercial vehicle aftermarket has also ushered in new development opportunities - including vehicle hardware, service quality, and surrounding oil products, and many other aspects, will feel the new opportunities burst out of the market. Petronas youanli lubricating oil hopes that the flow channel of the melt in this warming wind should be streamlined in the commercial vehicle market, give back to the majority of consumers with excellent products and technical advantages, and gain greater and broader influence in the industry

in order to confirm Petronas' concern for customers and its willingness to promote the development of the whole industry, Petronas lubricants invited three good truck drivers who have tried Petronas uanli products to the scene at the press conference. As a new generation of truck drivers, they have excellent understanding and practice of vehicle care, engine technical knowledge, and driving specifications. At the same time, it also launched the online test activity of good truck drivers in its official wechat called "deposition is not in the way, full load is not stopped", aiming to find more good truck drivers, and share and promote the excellent product experience of youanli with them

truck drivers share the trial experience of Petronas youanli

finally, as gaoyongde, chairman of Petronas lubricants international Greater China, said at the press conference: "Petronas lubricants, as one of the world's top 500 enterprises, has strong R & D capabilities and product development capabilities. Our optimistic expectations for the Chinese market and firm confidence in the diesel engine oil industry will encourage us to continue to introduce more and better excellent products such as youanli! We will also use our own practical actions to lead the development of the industry, become the wind vane of product standards, and provide every customer with the best quality products Service! "

Mr. Gao Yongde, chairman of Petronas lubricants international Greater China

industry comments:

open the way with innovation, use technical support, and follow the trend, you will get twice the result with half the effort. Petronas knows its way on the road of opening up overseas markets. The development of new product youanli is a sword pointing terminal, which directly hits the pain point of the industry and boosts the development of China's Commercial Vehicle Lubricant field. With the increase of car ownership year by year, China has become the second largest car ownership country in the world, and the growth potential is huge. It is believed that Petronas' move will not only bring good news to China's commercial vehicle aftermarket, but also reap immediate feedback

as the first portal of lubricants integrated into automobile and machinery genes, China Lubricant information () and lubricant market magazine interviewed Gao Yongde, chairman of Petronas lubricants international Greater China, Andy Beattie, global marketing director of Petronas lubricants international, and Chen Jiacong, marketing director of Petronas lubricants Greater China, The following is an interview:

: Why did Petronas choose such a Commercial Vehicle Lubricant product to be listed in China

Gao Yongde: the Chinese market has always been the emerging market that Petronas lubricants pays most attention to. China's commercial vehicle market not only has huge market potential, but also has urgent user needs. Therefore, we hope to further occupy and explore this market while bringing better technology and services to consumers through this product

: Petronas also invited three truck drivers to the press conference. What was the original intention

Chen Jiacong: with the rapid growth of China's economy, the continuous improvement of education level and the increasingly standardized driver income and industry. Truck drivers, a special group, are slowly coming to us from the edge. We need to face up to their contributions to society. We invite these good drivers to come to the scene and try Petronas products, just in the hope that they can share their experience of using the products with more drivers and practitioners. Next, Petronas will also launch a good driver interaction activity through the official "deposition is not in the way, full load does not stop". It is hoped that in their future career, Petronas youanli lubricating oil can be used as a strong support to make their car full of deposits

: youanli is a Commercial Vehicle Lubricant product. How does Petronas lubricant define products in this field in the global market and how to promote its development

Andy Beattie: first of all, the R & D and production of youanli can not only help enrich the product line, but also supplement the business of Petronas in more than 80 countries. Secondly, commercial vehicle lubricants have always been the most important part of Petronas' Lubricant product layout. It not only contributed the highest sales volume, but also the highest predicted compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of all our Lubricant product lines. We also believe that with viscguard ™ Weishun ™ The product series of youanli of science and technology can meet the needs of consumers and win their trust. To this end, we have invested a huge amount of money in technology research and development, the unique viscguard of youanli ™ Weishun ™ Technology is the product and crystallization of Petronas R & D center

: how does Petronas lubricants maintain its leading position in technology? What are the R & D and other related investments at home and abroad

andy Beattie: as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Petronas, Petronas has always adhered to the creed of "innovation, breakthrough and determined pursuit". The implication of this listing is viscguard ™ Weishun ™ Technology's Petronas youanli lubricant was developed and tested at Petronas' global R & D Technology Center (RT) in Turin, Italy. The R & D center only invests Chinese enterprises to survive and must pay close attention to cultivating their "internal skills", with a capital of nearly billion euros. In the next five years, Petronas will also invest in major research and development based in Europe. In addition to Europe, we have also established a R & D center in Guangxi with our partner Yuchai group in China, which is another very important technology R & D center besides Turin. These investments will continue to enable Petronas lubricants to maintain the world's leading technological advantage

: where can you buy youanli lubricating oil in the future

Gao Yongde: since May, we have gradually introduced our products to the market. In the next few months, our products will be sold at all authorized retail outlets of Petronas. Petronas is located in 30 provinces, 124 cities, more than 150 dealers and tens of thousands of terminal stores across the country to provide the best and best technology and product services for our consumers who can also use some auxiliary processes to increase surface finish

: how can the listing of Petronas youanli lubricants in China support the improvement of Petronas' business in China

Gao Yongde: after the second phase expansion and opening of Petronas Shandong plant in April this year, our output has increased significantly. It is expected that the annual output will be increased from the original 45000 tons to 150000 tons, covering many products such as automotive lubricants, industrial lubricants, greases and so on. So far, Petronas has continuously expanded its product system in China, continuously introduced high-end product series, and completed the establishment of the product system. The listing of youanli is exactly

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