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Lili enters the pet pellet Market for plastic bottles

due to the impact of static electricity on the testing machine, Lili group, a famous chemical fiber enterprise in Taiwan, China, is optimistic about the broad prospects of the pet market for bottles. Lili group plans to spend 200million yuan to purchase new equipment, and will enter the pet pellet Market for bottles as soon as the end of 2010, sharing a share with Taiwan Yuanfang, Taiwan Xinxian and Taiwan South Asia

affected by the rising demand for bottled beer in Chinese Mainland, India and Europe, the global demand for bottle polyester granules has soared. It is understood that Lili group has evaluated its participation in the bottle polyester pellet Market for many years, but it has decided to join the bottle polyester pellet market only now considering various factors such as products, talents and timing. Enterprises hope to make the product structure more diversified

Lili group has two polymerization production lines, one of which has a daily production capacity of 300 tons, and its polyester chips are mostly used in the textile field; Another production line with a daily output of 300 tons has been shut down for more than two years due to the sluggish demand in the downstream market. Lili group plans to restart its 300 ton/day polymerization line by purchasing new equipment, so as to reduce fixed costs, reduce downtime losses, and expand into the field of new products

in addition, as a small number of chemical fiber enterprises that invest against the trend, the power path composed of many industries, Lili group has recently purchased 6 twisting machines, bringing the total number of twisting machines to 104

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