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Pushing the concept of "flexible testing", from system integration to independent research and development, Beijing Zhongke Fanhua measurement and Control Technology Co., Ltd. (pansino) recently proposed a new concept of "flexible testing" technology

create a new concept of testing and measurement

Zuo Yi, general manager of the company, said at the recent media meeting that the demanders of testing and measurement solutions are mainly concerned with solving practical problems. However, it is difficult to require engineering and technical personnel in various industries to understand the testing and measurement tools, be familiar with how to build a reasonable testing system, and be proficient in testing and measurement technology

although both traditional test and measurement instruments and virtual instruments provide powerful tools for engineering testing, when building a real test and measurement system, these test and measurement methods with high hardness become 6 The test results can be output in Excel format. The data situation output is not very complete, and it may not be able to achieve the expected test effect and test purpose. The concept of "flexible testing" technology is proposed to solve this problem

he further explained that for simple signal acquisition and analysis, we can use existing instruments or virtual instrument technology to achieve. However, for a test system with obvious industry characteristics that requires the coordination of a variety of related technologies and means, it is necessary to have a deep understanding of the data acquisition system, data analysis and processing system, electromechanical devices, sensor equipment and the test and measurement scheme of professional background. It is incomplete to use any technology alone

for ease of understanding, Zuo Yi said, for example, if an enterprise makes an industrial automated production test equipment, it needs to quickly connect the signal to the test system, there is a rotating pressing system, but the pressing force of the product itself should not be too large, otherwise the product will be damaged; Another thing to consider is the signal access. If the compression is not enough, the signal access will damage the improvement of the energy utilization efficiency of the plastic granulator process and the prevention and control of environmental pollution are complementary injuries, so the test is unreliable. Therefore, when doing testing, we will encounter many problems of non testing and measurement majors, and then the "flexible testing" technology will play a big role

a combination of various technologies

so what is "flexible testing" technology? According to the introduction, this technology focuses on the function and performance of the test and measurement system, and researches and develops the methods and means to meet the needs of the test and measurement system. By integrating various technologies such as virtual instrument, test and measurement, electromechanical integration, network communication and software, the test and measurement system is more accurate, more reliable and faster, which can adapt to the changing needs of testing and meet the rapid development of test and measurement technology

Zuo Yi said that the concept of "flexible testing" is very new, which is different from the conventional testing technology. The "flexible testing" technology focuses on the overall performance and functional requirements of the testing and measurement system, while the conventional testing technology focuses on the development of the testing and measurement technology itself. The "flexible test" technology takes the means to meet the performance and function of the test and measurement system as the research goal, while the conventional test technology takes the test and measurement technology as the research goal

when answering about the difference between using "flexible testing" technology and conventional methods to realize the test and measurement system, Shi Yongqin, manager of the company's system development department, explained that when meeting the requirements of a test and measurement application or test and measurement system, the conventional approach is to take the realization of the system as the only goal. When using "flexible testing" technology to realize the system, we should pay more attention to the methods and means of realization while paying attention to the realization of the system. "Flexible testing" technology requires long-term and in-depth research, development, accumulation and refinement of related technologies

"flexible testing" technology is closer to the final solution of testing and measurement. The result is not a simple product, nor is it a simple system integration to meet the normal operation of all experiments, but a professional and mature application system. The main advantages are reflected in the first is applicability: meet the requirements of a variety of test environments, provide a variety of test performance, and integrate a variety of signal test capabilities; The second is flexibility: give play to the flexibility of modular, plug-in and distributed design, and change the function and performance of the test system according to customer needs; The third is scalability: follow up the progress of relevant technologies to realize the continuous improvement of testing ability

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