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Hearthstone legend machine ksun Druid card group recommends Druid card group code sharing

hearthstone legend machine ksun Druid card group is a relatively brainless card group suitable for cute new players. The ease of use and operation make this set of card group a big reason for players to welcome. Next, let's take a look at this set of mechanical ksun Druid card group shared by Nga players "intoxicated visualize"

[simple methods such as stove, stone legend, bang bang plan, 20 sets of T1 card groups to share the recommendation of the whole profession T1 card group]

p> p> kede 2

p> occupation: Druid

p mode: standard mode

p; Raven year


p> 2x (0) moon fire

.# 2x (0) activate

# 2x (1) small method if it cannot meet the detection of ordinary materials after purchase jade

# 2x (1) claw

# 2x (1) biological plan

# 2x (1) Natural balance

# 1x (1) savage attack

# 2x (2) anger

# 2x (2) wild growth

# 2x (3) ferocious roar

# 2x (3) healing touch

# 2x (3) iron teeth copper teeth

# 2x 2x (4) witch forest Piper

# 1x (4) sweet Lingli melon

# 1x (5) nourish

# 1x (6) "jungle Hunter" hermit

# 1x (7) dream Flower Planter

# 1x (10) Mechanical kesun




# if you want to use this deck, please copy it to the clipboard first, and then click "new deck" in the game to paste it

[experience in using card group]

first use the card group. Currently, the most brainless mechanical kesun card group has been adjusted several times before, and the fault tolerance rate of this set of card group is relatively high

first, let's talk about some disadvantages of kesun card group. Because kesun's war roar trigger is extremely strict, even if the formation gets the hand, it may not be able to be released. It must be ensured that only kesun's natural balance cards are left in the hand field (or an activation). In order to avoid the embarrassment that even the formation is complete, it can't be thrown out immediately, so

1, try not to bring high-cost cards. At first, I took the cheeky to infect the Lich King, As a result, sometimes at the end of the game, these cards were stuck and could not be used. Even if they were used, they also needed to pay the cost of one round, which greatly delayed the appearance of kesun

2, another trigger condition is that there must be only kesun on the field, so don't bring cards like the bark tree planting oak summon. Some people deliberately don't understand those low attack monsters, and it's useless to give them away, and it's useless to hold a set of formation. I tried to copy 434 kesun with new orange, and then solve it with star falling spark. The effect is good, but it's too late. In this way, it's easy to be forced to die in the late stage because the cost is not enough to finish the card, so it's best not to delay the late stage

3, more cards and more compression of the library. The key to this set of cards is to jump fees + pass cards. Because of the new card biological plan, Xiaode now jumps fees at a simple speed, trying to maximize economic and social benefits, just like sitting on a rocket. There are a lot of costs to pass cards. It only needs to go to the witch forest Piper to stably retrieve hermit, and hermit can almost collapse a complete library with a single shot. Remember to have a natural balance in your hand before starting the robbery. Cantaloupe is also a very powerful card. After playing

cantaloupe and Hermite, the library is basically empty. At this time, there is usually a natural balance left in the hands of the planter, a kesun, a kesun. The planter can steadily reduce the cost of kesun, and it does not need to reduce it until the last moment. You can shoot it when you touch the melon 7 fee in the early stage. Be careful not to reduce it to hermit

4, play more cards. It's best not to take too many cards in your hand. Don't be afraid of wasting money. Our way of victory is only to finish playing cards. Don't hold a pile of cards in your hand at the end, and you can't get out even if you think of it

5. This set of cards is very afraid of disturbing spells and wandering ghosts. If you are targeted, you can only take Xiaode Xincheng again, but the growth rate slows down. Professor ooze + star fall triggered it. Send 10 faksoune away before using the ooze professor

first find the natural balance, and then find the piper or hermit. If you have one of them, you can change it all. The sooner hermit shoots, the greater the chance of winning.

the above is the construction details of the mechanical kesun Druid card group, as well as the experience of using it. Friends who want to play this card group can come to know

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