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Linuo Glass Group and Shandong University of technology reached a strategic cooperation and joint school running agreement

in order to enhance the comprehensive competitiveness and sustainable development ability of Linuo Glass Group, strengthen talent training and echelon construction, after nearly two months of consultation and negotiation with Shandong University of technology, based on the principle of combining production and learning, and complementing the scientific research advantages between schools and enterprises, a strategic cooperation and joint school running agreement was finally reached

this strategic cooperation aims to give full play to the advantages of colleges and universities in scientific research, talents, instruments and equipment, and promote the technical research and development level of the glass Research Institute of lino glass group to ensure accurate and stable measurement of workpiece samples. It takes the holding of undergraduate courses in material science and Engineering (inorganic non-metallic material glass direction) at the beginning of high school as the cooperation carrier

at the level of strategic cooperation, Shandong University of technology and lino Glass Group will mutually set up "Shandong University of technology teaching and research practice base" and "Shandong University of technology special glass products technology research and development center"; Linuo Glass Group employs experts and professors of Shandong science and technology as technical consultants to help solve technical problems in project research and development, product design and production, which are more accurate than imported configuration; Jointly declare national, provincial and municipal engineering technology centers and enterprise technology centers; Jointly declare major national, provincial, ministerial and bureau level scientific and technological research projects

on June 1, Linuo glass group started the registration of undergraduate courses in glass materials for all employees with high school degrees. Those who have completed all courses according to the teaching plan and passed the examination and examination will be issued a completion certificate by Shandong University of technology. Linuo Glass Group recognizes their academic history and enjoys the treatment of undergraduate degrees. During the study period, students who can participate in the national adult unified examination and reach the minimum admission score line of the province will be issued with adult education graduation certificates uniformly printed and verified by the education department, and their academic qualifications will be recognized by the state

this joint school will cultivate high-level and stable technical talents or operational talents with intellectual skills in management, design, planning and marketing for the talent echelon construction of lino glass group. It will be conducive to ensuring the implementation of the group's "fourth five year plan" and the realization of strategic objectives

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