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Lishide "Longxiao action"

lishide "Longxiao action - summer cool Thanksgiving customer trip" entered Xiangyang

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Guide: in August, lishide Longxiao action summer cool Thanksgiving customer trip was in full swing in Hubei Province. A few days ago, Rexroth's visiting team came to Xiangyang City, Hubei Province, a historic city, to pay a customer visit. Heshibi hometown excavates entrepreneurial wealth, Nanzhang, Xiangyang City, Hubei Province

in August, Rexroth's "Longxiao action - giving cool and grateful customers in summer" was in full swing in Hubei Province. A few days ago, Rexroth's visiting group came to Xiangyang City, Hubei Province, a historic city, to pay a customer visit

"Heshi Bi" hometown excavates entrepreneurial wealth

Nanzhang County, Xiangyang City, Hubei Province, this small town was famous for producing "Heshi Bi" in history. The client boss Liu is working in a mine near Nanzhang county. He currently owns two lux excavators, which are used to measure the deformation of samples during the experiment

boss Liu and Rexroth excavator became acquainted in 2011. At that time, due to the increase of engineering volume, boss Liu visited Wuhan for many times to investigate the excavator market. Later, after careful comparison and consideration, he bought a Rexroth sc220.8 excavator. After being put into the mine construction, boss Liu felt that Rexroth excavator usually had high requirements on the tensile properties of materials, such as heat shrinkable film and tensile film. The output was also the largest and very prominent, and the after-sales service was also fast and timely. Not long after use, boss Liu bought a Rexroth sc230.8 excavator

when the visitors arrived at the construction site, Rexroth sc220.8 excavator was digging ore, and Rexroth sc230.8 excavator was taking a rest in the open space. The service personnel took a short time to check the two excavators, and the engine, electrical system, hydraulic system, air conditioning and so on were all normal. The interviewers communicated with the excavator driver about the operation specifications, maintenance methods and relevant safety precautions. The customer boss Liu expressed his gratitude to the Rexroth service personnel for arriving at the site for guidance. After the visit, Rexroth service personnel took a group photo with the customer

Rexroth excavator helps the great development of "Song Yu's hometown"

recently, Rexroth's "Longxiao action - sending cool and grateful customers in summer" service team came to Yicheng city, Xiangyang. Yicheng is known as the "ancient capital of Chu". The state of Chu established its capital in Yicheng 185 years ago, and a total of more than 10 kings of Chu moved here. Song Yubian, a master of Ci and Fu, was born in Yicheng. This time, Rexroth service personnel will visit the customer, boss Zhang, who will automatically calculate the maximum force, upper and lower yield strength, hysteresis ring method, gradual approximation method, non proportional extension strength, tensile strength, compressive strength, constant elongation strength at any point, constant load extension at any point, modulus of elasticity, elongation, maximum value, minimum value, average value of peel interval Zigzag modulus and other boards are local people in Yicheng and have many construction projects and their own factories

boss Zhang extended a warm welcome to the arrival of lishide service group, and chatted with the service staff like a family. Boss Zhang told the service staff that he now has two lishide excavators, one is lishide sc160.8 series and the other is sc220.8 series. With the rapid development of Yicheng city in recent years, boss Zhang's two Rexroth excavators have a broad stage, and the figure of Rexroth excavators can be seen in many construction sites. Subsequently, the service personnel carefully inspected the two Rexroth excavators respectively, and explained and communicated with boss Zhang on the maintenance of relevant important parts. Mr. Zhang couldn't help but praise the excellent product quality and warm after-sales service of Rexroth excavator, and said that with the increase of construction projects, he would buy another Rexroth sc360.8 to expand his business soon

finally, Rexroth's service staff took a group photo with boss Zhang

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