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Precautions for printing high-quality fine tone products

fine tone products are worthy of attention in the quality control of color printing process. In order to print high-quality fine-grained products, the technical control of the production process is a crucial link

1. Select the package liner with appropriate hardness to make the dot print clear and bright. East light company always adheres to the implementation of the five development concepts.

whether it is the embossing process printing eye tone products, or the lithography process printing point, the soft and hard degree of the pad is an important factor determining the point printing effect. If the pad is too soft, the dot printing is easy to deform and expand. To make the dot print clear and bright, a neutral and hard pad should be used. Insulating paper, cardboard, kraft paper, sheet base, etc. are hard liners. Cloth, fine cloth and newspaper belong to soft lining, which is easy to deform after being pressed

2. Adjust the appropriate printing pressure

relief and lithography printing point products need to realize imprinting transformation through pressure. If the pressure is too large, it is easy to expand and deform the point, and even accelerate the wear of the printing plate. If the pressure is too small, the point reproduction effect is poor, the point is easy to be blurred, and the hierarchy of the printed image is poor. The printing pressure should be based on the uniform and moderate contact between the rollers and between the rollers and the printing plate (relief plate), so that the two in contact with the impression are in a relatively parallel state

3. Adjust the contact pressure of the ink roller on the printing plate, and select the rubber roller with appropriate soft and hard

the black roller is the main carrier of ink transmission. Adjusting its appropriate contact pressure on the printing plate plays an important role in the quality of dot printing. The ink roller pressure is too large, which is easy to wear and deform the plate spots, and it is easy to produce a paste situation. Ink and adopt the same kind of materials to realize functionalization in the fully integrated automatic process. If the roller pressure is too small, it is easy to cause uneven and insufficient ink on the layout and make the dot printing unclear

4. Select ink with high fineness for printing

if ink printing dots with low fineness are used, the printing dots are easy to be hairy and the printing plate has low print resistance due to the coarse ink and pigment particles. Low ink fineness is also prone to paste defects. Therefore, printing point products should be printed with ink with high fineness. The ink with high fineness has a high concentration, which can make the printing point clear and full

5. Pay attention to adjust the viscosity and fluidity of the ink

the viscosity of the ink is high, which is easy to cause uneven ink transfer, dot galling, stencil and paste; If the viscosity of the ink is small, it is easy to bend. The performance is tested according to gb1042 (7) 9 to emulsify the ink and make the layout dirty. The fluidity of ink is closely related to viscosity. The fluidity of ink with high viscosity is relatively small. On the contrary, liquidity is large. The fluidity of the ink is too small, which is easy to cause the coating to be not smooth and uneven, so that the reproduction effect of the print point is poor; The ink with too much fluidity is easy to use, and the printing is not full and the definition is poor. Therefore, when the viscosity and fluidity of the ink are not suitable, additives and ink blending oil can be used for adjustment

6. Pay attention to selecting appropriate paper for printing detailed products

the smoothness of the paper directly determines the printing quality of the dot. If the smoothness of the paper is poor, you cannot use point accurate restore. Because the paper surface is sunken, the dots cannot be printed, so the printing level effect is bound to be bad. Therefore, the paper with good smoothness should be selected for printing eye tone products to ensure the true reproduction of the original. Generally speaking, after you buy it back, you can use coated paper, glass card and other paper or paperboard directly and conveniently. The smoothness is better, and the quality of its printing details is better

7. Pay attention to maintain the equipment to prevent dot printing deformation

the accuracy of the equipment determines the printing quality of the product. If the accuracy of the equipment is poor, the increase value of the printing point is large, and the product quality is bound to be poor. Therefore, at ordinary times, we should pay attention to the maintenance of the equipment, and do a good job in the lubrication of key components, such as roller gears, shaft heads, and linkage imprinting devices, to maintain a good lubrication state, so as to prevent the imprint expansion, blooming, or ghosting caused by the grinding and replacement of machine parts and looseness, which will deform the dot printing

8. Pay attention to control the appropriate printing speed and improve the registration accuracy

the speed adjustment range of automatic printing machine is large. If ultra-high speed printing fine screen printing is used, it is easy to produce overprint instability and inaccuracy. The appropriate printing speed can better reduce and reduce the registration error caused by paper factors and machine discomfort. An appropriate speed can keep the paper conveying and handover relatively stable and ensure the quality of prints

9. According to the color number of the printed matter, the model should be reasonably selected for printing to ensure the quality of the printed matter

the practice shows that it is an important way to improve the product quality to select the appropriate printing machine according to the characteristics of the printed parts. Multicolor overprint fine eye tone products should be printed by multicolor machine as far as possible to improve the registration quality of products

to sum up, as long as we pay attention to the various technological links in the production process and take appropriate technological measures according to the characteristics of the product, we can not only better improve the printing quality of the product, but also effectively prevent and avoid the occurrence of various ills and improve production efficiency


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