Precautions for the hottest oil immersed test tran

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Precautions for oil immersed test transformer

as the oil immersed test transformer belongs to high-voltage test equipment, Zhang Anmin, Secretary of Yucheng municipal Party committee, introduced it. First of all, remind users to strictly follow the high-voltage operating procedures and methods when using it. If you encounter problems in the process of use, don't operate at will, you can contact us. Our company has only three production lines to provide technical assistance for you. Below, Share the precautions of oil immersed test transformer

precautions for oil immersed test transformer

1 Before the test, check whether the tested object is powered off, grounded and discharged, and whether all external connections are wiped clean, and strictly prevent adding the test voltage to the working part

2. After the wiring of the test device is connected, the pressure can be increased only after it is checked to be correct. Pay special attention to the safety distance between the high-voltage equipment and the lead and the ground, the operator and staff, and whether the shell of the tested object is reliably grounded. The test shall be carried out in strict accordance with the specified specifications

3. The oil immersed test transformer should slowly boost the voltage for high-capacity equipment to prevent the charging current of the tested object from burning the microammeter. If necessary, it should be pressurized by stages to read the stable readings of the microammeter at all levels of voltage

4. During the test process of the test transformer, the tested object, test device and microammeter should be closely monitored. In case of abnormal phenomena such as breakdown and flicker, the voltage should be reduced immediately, the power supply should be cut off, and the cause should be found out and recorded in detail

connect the working circuit according to your test. The shell of the test transformer and the shell of the operating system must be reliably grounded. The x-end (high-voltage tail) of the high-voltage winding of the test transformer and the F-end of the measuring winding must be reliably grounded

5. Before switching on the power supply, the voltage regulator of the operating system must be adjusted to zero before switching on the power supply, switching on and starting to boost voltage

6. If the indication of the measuring instrument and the condition of the tested object are found to be abnormal during the test, reduce the voltage immediately, cut off the power supply and find out the situation

7. After the test, return the voltage regulator to the zero position at a constant speed within a few seconds, and then cut off the power supply

8. This product should not be used beyond the rated parameters. In addition to the necessary tests, 1. The main machine of the simply supported beam impact tester is a single support column structure and will never be powered on or off

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