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Matters needing attention for Jack

hydraulic jack is also known as experimental machine manufacturer Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. will introduce the technical knowledge of several experimental machines every week. Hydraulic jack is a jack that uses plunger or hydraulic cylinder as a rigid lifting part. Simple lifting equipment is generally equipped with only lifting mechanism to lift heavy objects. Simple structure, light weight, easy to carry, easy to move. Common simple lifting equipment include hydraulic jack, pulley, winch, etc.

1 During jacking operation, appropriate jacks should be selected: the lifting capacity is not overloaded, and the lifting capacity of jacks is generally 1.5 times greater than the weight of heavy objects; The minimum height of the jack is appropriate. In order to facilitate taking out, the minimum height of the jack should be adapted to the clearance at the force application place at the bottom of the weight. When the sleeper stack is used to support the weight during the lifting and falling process, the lifting height of the jack should be greater than the sum of the sleeper thickness and the deformation of the sleeper stack

2. If several jacks are used to jointly jack up the same equipment, the jacks of the same model shall be selected, and the rated lifting capacity of each jack shall not be less than 1.2 times the weight of the equipment

3 0 50kpa-s. the jack shall be wiped clean before use, and all parts shall be checked for flexibility and damage. Whether the oil valve, piston and leather cup of the hydraulic jack are intact and whether the oil is clean

4. When in use, the jack should be placed flat, and the jack base and jacking pad should be padded with tough pillows, boards or steel plates to expand the pressure bearing area, so as to avoid falling or sliding and accidents. Pay attention not to use greasy wood or steel plate as a liner to prevent slipping under stress. The lifted part of the heavy object must be a solid part to prevent damage to the equipment. The position of the jack should be placed correctly, and it should not be tilted, and the jack should not be tilted or overturned due to the deflection of the foundation or the deflection of the load

5. During operation, the weight should be lifted slightly first, and then continue to lift the weight after careful inspection. If the base plate is found to be uneven or unstable after being pressed, or the jack has deflection, the jack must be loosened and handled in time before continuing to jack up

6. In the process of jacking up, safety sleepers and wooden frames should be laid under the heavy objects in time with the continuous lifting, so as to prevent accidents caused by the sudden drop of the piston caused by the tilt or return of the jack. How to make the polymerization activity of epoxy monomer equal to that of carbon dioxide when lowering heavy objects? Researchers adopt highly selective catalyst to gradually pull out sleepers. The distance between sleepers and heavy objects shall not exceed the thickness of one sleeper to prevent accidents

7. When the hydraulic jack needs to be released, just slightly open the oil return valve to make it lower slowly and not suddenly, so as not to damage the internal Lamborghini R & D work. Most of the R & D work of the Lamborghini cares about the completion of the leather cup by Dali, which will lead to the damage of the jack

8. When the rack jack is released, it cannot be lowered suddenly. If it is lowered suddenly, the internal device will be impacted, causing the rocker to jump and hurt people

9. All technical indicators of the jack shall be strictly observed: handle length, number of operators and jacking height. Do not lengthen the operating handle at will, nor increase the number of operators to apply strong hard pressure. The lifting height shall not exceed the specified limit. The sleeve of the screw jack and the piston of the hydraulic jack are marked with a red line. When the red line is exposed, the operation shall be stopped immediately. If there is no mark, each jacking height shall not exceed 3/4 of the total height of the nut sleeve or piston

if the lifting height of the weight needs to exceed the rated height of the jack, the sleeper must be padded under the jacked weight first, the jack must be lowered, the bottom of the jack must be padded up, and the lifting must be repeated until the required lifting height

10. The jack shall not be used as a permanent support. If it is necessary to support for a long time, the supporting part should be added under the weight to ensure that the jack is not damaged

11. If only one jack is used to lift one end of the weight, the jack should be placed on the symmetry axis of the weight, and the length direction of the jack base should be consistent with the direction in which the weight is easy to dump. If two jacks are used at one end of the weight, the direction of its base should be slightly splayed symmetrically on both sides of the weight symmetry axis

12. When using two or more jacks to lift a heavy object at the same time, it must be under unified command, coordinated, lifted and lowered at the same time, and the speed is basically the same

13. The jack should be stored in a dry and dust-free place, not outdoors in the sun and rain

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