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Application precautions of pearlescent pigments in plastics

pearlescent pigments can be used for transparent and translucent plastic resins. The use of pearlescent pigments will bring a charming color visual effect. Pearlescent pigments are widely used in cosmetic containers, all kinds of packaging, toys, decorative materials, all kinds of films and other plastic products

precautions for the application of pearlescent pigments in plastics

because pearlescent pigments have different characteristics from ordinary pigments. Generally, to get the best pearlescent effect, you must pay attention to the following conditions: 1 The transparency of colored plastic resin is better (or high brightness); 2. Try to mix transparent pigments with pearlescent pigments; 3. Minimize the damage to pearlescent pigment sheets during processing; 4. Pearlescent pigments are fully dispersed and the pigment sheets are oriented parallel to the plastic surface. In addition to the above conditions, the characteristics and processing methods of plastic resin will also affect the gloss performance of the final product

the amount of pearlescent pigment in plastic is generally 0.5%-2%, and the amount of film or thin-walled products should be correspondingly larger, generally 4%-5%

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