Precautions for the hottest high-speed rotation

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Precautions for high-speed rotation

up to 12% When fag bearing rotates at high speed, especially when the speed is close to or exceeds the limit speed recorded in the dimension table, The following matters should be paid attention to:

(1) use precision bearings

(2) analyze the internal clearance of bearings (considering the reduction of internal clearance of bearings caused by temperature rise)

(3) d - analyze the material type of cage for permanent deformation and temporary deformation (for high-speed rotation, it is suitable to use copper alloy or phenolic resin to cut the cage. In addition, there are synthetic resin formed cages with a suitable relative humidity of no more than 80%; for high-speed rotation)

(4) analyze the lubrication methods (adopt the circulating lubrication suitable for high-speed rotation, which may be due to the frequent use of jet lubrication, oil mist lubrication, oil air lubrication and other lubrication methods)

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