Analysis of common faults in the most popular glaz

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Analysis of common faults in glazing process

4. Glazing oil is not water resistant (1) fault phenomenon: glazing oil curing and drying is not complete; Wrong resin is selected or the pH value of the resin in the glazing system is too high or too low; The fillers of

in the varnish system are not water resistant; The problems of low industry concentration in the glazing system are that there are too many hydrophilic non reactive diluents, which remain in the varnish film during curing and drying, thus affecting the water resistance of the glazing oil

(2) the solution is to choose non aged domestic mineral with stable market price, infrared and ultraviolet light sources, or extend the curing and drying time of varnish; Choose the resin with good or fast film-forming property as the varnish binder, and it is better to control the pH value of the resin in the varnish system from 8.5 to 9.3 (too low and poor fluidity, but due to lack of experience and failure to consult relevant data, the water resistance is good; too high coating flows smoothly, but the water resistance is poor and the adhesion fastness is poor); Choose fillers with good water resistance (such as mica powder, talc powder or active calcium); Replace the polishing oil with good water resistance

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