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Precautions for operating shrink packaging machine

1 Shrink packaging machine is an urgent problem to be solved in the current industry development. When users need to use 380V power supply, the cross-section of three-phase four wire, four pin plug and power line should be greater than 6mm2 The zero line must be connected to the machine, otherwise the machine cannot operate. (note that the zero line must be connected) if the machine is powered by 220V, the three pin plug, the cross section of the power line must be greater than 4mm2, and the shell must be reliably grounded before starting up

2. There are upper and lower heating chambers. One group of the upper and lower heating chambers is a fixed electric heating tube, and the other group is a temperature adjustable electric heating tube

3. The shrink bag highlights the importance of these technologies. The temperature of the installed shrink chamber should be controlled below 230 ℃. Insiders in the transportation industry pointed out that in recent years, the disposal, recycling and delivery speed of waste plastics should be controlled below 230 ℃. If over temperature and over speed operation occur, the circuit will age prematurely, and the service life of electrical components and machines will be reduced

4. Good ventilation and heat dissipation conditions should be maintained at the bottom of the shrink packaging machine to prevent overheating of electrical components

5. After using the shrink packaging machine for more than three months, check the aging of wires in the shrink room and replace them as appropriate

And directly evaluate whether the product meets the requirements

6 When the package passes through the studio, try to put it in the middle to avoid damaging the quartz tube

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