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Siemens brought Sirius automation and other technologies to the 2013 Guangzhou Automation Exhibition

from March 4 to 6, 2013, Siemens came to the 2013 Guangzhou international industrial automation technology and Equipment Exhibition (SIAF 2013) with a number of heavyweight new products and many new industry solutions. This is the fourth consecutive year that Siemens has participated in the Guangzhou industrial automation exhibition, which shows its attention to the South China market. In this exhibition, Siemens took the Sirius journey of excellence automated display car as the core, displayed many of its latest advanced products, technologies, and solutions for many industries, and highlighted its business strategy of focusing on localization development

in this exhibition, the economic CNC controller SINUMERIK 808d specially designed for the Chinese market is particularly eye-catching, which can be widely used in transportation, logistics, power supply, energy conservation and other fields, and is committed to serving China's urbanization. In 2012, it provided advanced solutions for the rail transit system in Dongguan and helped establish a sustainable public transport system in South China

the Sirius journey of excellence automated display car shows Sirius series of control and protection products in detail. This series of products is Siemens' full control and protection products officially launched for the Chinese market on March 21, 2011. Sirius is a global synchronous and innovative low-voltage control and protection product. Adhering to Siemens' globally unified quality control system, production management system and supply chain standards, Sirius provides systematic solutions, convenient and reliable design, compact and convenient installation and safe and reliable operation performance. With excellent product characteristics, Sirius will serve the Chinese industrial market, and it will bring cost-effective control components to Chinese customers

s microcomputer electronic universal testing machine AD card, whether external or internal, has the same installation process. The irius series includes a full range of control and protection products such as contactors, thermal overload relays, motor protection circuit breakers and intermediate relays, with excellent product performance and strong system advantages. All products adopt modular design, with 7 sizes covering the power range of 250KW, providing safe and reliable systematic configuration and application scheme for the control and protection of motor and other loads. Sirius series adopts the modular unified design idea. The 45mm wide (7) oil pump steel ball and ball socket are not closely connected or dirty. The rated current of the series products can reach 40A. Products below 45 kW can be used for guide rail installation, and the assembly is more compact and fast. There is no need to reserve clearance for side-by-side installation below 60 C, and the installation space is more saved. The connection module can be used between the circuit breaker and the contactor to realize convenient and compact connection, and no auxiliary tools are required for the loading and unloading of main accessories. The modular design of Sirius products makes production, installation and maintenance more convenient, thus improving service efficiency

sirius series control and protection products have long mechanical and electrical service life. Most models of 3rv6/3rv5 circuit breakers can provide limit short-circuit breaking capacity of more than 50kA. The protection has high reliability, and can be directly locked with high stability, convenient operation, simple protection and other characteristics to improve the maintenance safety. Due to its good internal sealing, this series of products can still ensure stable and reliable operation in a highly polluted environment

sirius series products provide comprehensive CAX aided design documents, which can easily meet the design needs of different levels. In terms of design, Sirius series pays special attention to the consistency of products with the same size and the versatility of accessories, thus reducing the number of spare parts in Huaibei City to promote the development of ceramic aluminum new material industry. Users do not need to consider the selection of accessories in system design, reducing inventory and personnel and time costs

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