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Siemens: fight against high temperature for Indonesia power plant project

in the spring, the north of China is still a little cool, and our engineering market division has rushed to Indonesia across the equator and started the intense work of Indonesia power plant project under the hot and high temperature. The project is financed by the world bank and assisted by China. The DCS distributed control system provided by SFAE adopts SIEMENS PCS7 Process Control System for tensile testing machine. At the same time, we also provide instrument equipment, valves, PROFIBUS communication network and industrial Ethernet technology. Due to the tight construction period and difficult conditions, this project puts forward high requirements for on-site service engineers

the project site is located in JUGANG City, Sumatra island, Indonesia. The location is very remote, with a radius of 20 kilometers and no population, so it is extremely inconvenient to go out. The temporary accommodation built on the site is quite poor. Due to the fact that there are many residents in Indonesia who believe in Islam, their eating habits are different from ours. In addition, the humid and muggy climate makes our tough northeast men very uncomfortable

but based on the principle of customer first and high-quality completion of the project. Our engineers overcame many difficulties and carried forward the spirit of hard work. During the Spring Festival, just after the new energy subsidy policy was implemented, one of his colleagues just completed the BMW transformation project. Before he could get together with his family and have a rest, he immediately went to Indonesia for debugging. Another colleague participated in several projects at the same time, and recently had a son, but his busy work made him too busy to take care of his wife and children. In order to ensure the smooth progress of the project, everyone has been in a tense working state since the beginning of the project, striving to improve functions and shorten the construction period. We are proud of having such excellent engineers

the project is in a tense stage of on-site commissioning, and it is expected that the commissioning acceptance will be carried out in May

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