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Siemens Automation Innovation trip Dalian station was successfully completed

on August 14, 2007, the grand banquet hall on the third floor of Kempinski Hotel Dalian was bustling, and the 2007 Siemens Automation Innovation trip Dalian station was held here

hang Chunmeng, sales director of northeast Dalian Office of Siemens Automation and drive group, delivered an opening speech for the conference.

as the second stop of the innovation journey, the proportion is also lighter than that of Baiyin. The organizer summarized the experience of Shenyang station, making the arrangement of Dalian Station more detailed and reasonable, and the whole organization work is in good order

the sign in place outside the venue

this event attracted customers from various industries with successful development of vanadium batteries, including power, machine tools, electronics, machinery manufacturing, etc. The enthusiasm of the customer deeply infected the colleagues present. The product managers from Beijing and the promotion managers from Northeast China took turns to introduce the basic concepts of PROFINET to the guests in detail. Combined with live videos and other ways, another advantage of ipul is its great flexibility and system accuracy, which vividly shows the innovative application cases of PROFINET in all walks of life. After that, every lecturer did his best to repay the customers' full investment with detailed and accurate explanations

customers are very interested in Siemens' model equipment

the latest simulated factory model airlifted from Germany also followed our team to Dalian. The lecturers combined theoretical knowledge to demonstrate the production process of a set of optical mouse supported by PROFINET for customers. From raw material import, separation, assembly to quality control, the model demonstrated on site makes the complex production process clear at a glance. Many participants expressed their strong interest in this set of equipment. In order to make customers have a more comprehensive understanding of PROFINET, the organizer also prepared all the lecturer's handouts and PROFINET manuals for each customer. In addition to PROFINET, the organizer also promoted the latest versions of PLC, HMI and other products of Siemens automation system, which were warmly responded by customers

customers from various industries listened carefully to the wonderful explanations of the lecturers

during the meeting, many customers asked questions about the thermal decomposition temperature of the parts they were concerned about, and the lecturers also answered patiently. The organizer also prepared rich and exquisite gifts for the guests. Finally, customers filled in the feedback form carefully. Many customers reported that they were very satisfied with this activity and benefited a lot from the training

the innovation journey is about to usher in the launching ceremony of Beijing railway station! The current number of applicants has greatly exceeded imagination. Siemens has reason to believe that the Innovation Tour Beijing station on August 22 will become another climax of the Innovation Tour

product manager demonstrates Mini factory model on site

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