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Development and application of virtual NC machine tool technology introduction modern manufacturing technology is developing towards high efficiency, high speed, high precision, high integration and high intelligence. Machining intelligence and virtual manufacturing have become the most important components and development direction in modern manufacturing industry, and have become the key technology to improve the international competitiveness of products. At present, the competition between the global manufacturing industry is becoming increasingly fierce. In order to win the competition, enterprises need to focus on the market and users, quickly respond to the needs of the market, and win users and the market with the shortest product development time, the best product quality, the lowest cost and the best service, that is, TQCS. According to the competitive needs of enterprises, virtual manufacturing technology was put forward in the 1980s on the premise of emphasizing flexibility and speed. With the development of computer, especially information technology industry, it received great attention and developed rapidly in the 1990s. In a short time, it has become one of the research hotspots in the business and academic circles, and it is a cutting-edge topic in the field of science and technology in the world. At present, a considerable scale of emerging industrial sectors have been formed in the United States, Britain, Japan and Western Europe, and commercialized software has become mature and widely used

virtualmachinetool is a new research field proposed with the development of virtual manufacturing technology. Virtual NC machine tool is the executive unit of virtual manufacturing and one of the key basic technologies of virtual manufacturing. Its ultimate goal is to establish a real machining environment for virtual manufacturing, and realize the simulation of machining process on the computer screen, so as to enhance the decision-making and control ability at all levels of the manufacturing process and optimize the manufacturing process

1 characteristics and functions of virtual NC machine tool

1) characteristics of virtual NC machine tool

a. good structure: including three aspects: 1) structure similar to real machine tool. It has a structure similar to the real machine tool, so that the virtual machine tool can imitate any function of the real machine tool without distortion or loss of a structure due to the use of some approximate replacement; 2) The granularity of each module of the machine tool. In addition to the excellent flame retardancy and electrical performance of each module of the virtual machine tool, the granularity of the block enables each module to be developed and work independently of each other, thereby enhancing the operability and manageability of the virtual machine tool; 3) Appropriate particle size of each module. The granularity of each module of the virtual machine tool depends on whether the abstraction of each module is properly defined, so that the virtual machine tool is not only an abstract framework that can summarize various types of CNC machine tools, but also can easily connect specific modules to simulate a specific type of CNC machine tools

b. perfect graphic interface: the perfect graphic interface enables users to not only fully operate the CNC machine tool as in the real environment, but also completely and truly observe the various states and operating parameters of the machine tool in the form of images, so as to maximize the degree of human-machine integration

c. complete symbolic data interface: the complete symbolic data interface can make various static and running states of the virtual machine tool be perceived by the outside world in the form of symbolic data, thus providing a seamless link with other manufacturing software. The outside world can also control the virtual machine tool by inputting symbolic data

d. powerful network support function: powerful network support function can make virtual machine tools serve all kinds of real manufacturing resources, so as to provide interoperability with external manufacturing resources in the sense of connection

e. standard data format: because virtual machine tools use standard data format to store, transmit and process data, they can improve the interoperability with external manufacturing resources in the semantic sense

functions of virtual NC machine tool

virtual NC machine tool should be able to simulate different processing methods and different processing materials, complete various operations of NC machine tool, realistically display various actions of NC machine tool, and display and evaluate processing results. Therefore, the system requires the following functions:

· simulation of machining process: display and simulate CNC control function, animation machining process, check tool path and interference, overcut, collision, etc., and give warnings

· evaluate the workpiece quality: display the topological relationship, dimension, tolerance and surface quality of the 3D solid surface of the workpiece

· estimate the processing cost: the processing cost can be estimated by simulating the processing process

· monitoring of the processing process: monitoring all aspects of the processing process

2 architecture of virtual NC machine tool

virtual machine tool, like the actual machine tool, can be considered as a set of interconnected moving parts, which complete the required relative motion and provide the instantaneous spatial position relationship of relevant points on the workpiece and workpiece tool system. Because there are various types and varieties of machine tools, in order to express various machine tools, we need to adopt the principle of modularization and customize various standard modules, so that after a small amount of modification, we can establish the models of various machine tools. Each module should be standardized, universal, integrated, hierarchical, convenient, economical, interchangeable, compatible and relevant, so that the system has openness and adaptability. According to the characteristics and functions of virtual NC machine tools, the functional modules of virtual NC machine tool system can be divided as follows (Fig. 1):

Fig. 1 virtual NC machine tool architecture

NC compilation module: in order to enable virtual NC machine tools to recognize NC programs, NC compilation module is developed, and its function is to accept NC codes and translate them into the movement information of machine tool parts, cutting tools, etc

motion control module: the motion control module determines the motion state of the machine tool tool and each axis according to the NC program, sends motion instructions to each moving part and collects the feedback information of each axis

operation panel module: the operation panel module includes the operation panel button function of the real CNC machine tool and the menu of the virtual CNC machine tool

cutting calculation module: judge the interference according to the relative position of the workpiece and the tool, calculate the cutting of the workpiece with interference, and regenerate the workpiece model

machine tool scene module: establish the working environment of virtual machine tool

virtual machine tools cannot exist independently of actual machine tools. It is the simulation of real machine tools in computers. Virtual machine tools and real machine tools are inseparable. The conclusion of the virtual machine tool needs to be tested by the real machine tool, and only the conclusion consistent with the real machine tool is the correct conclusion

3 application and Prospect of virtual NC machine tool

the application of virtual NC machine tool will bring a revolutionary leap to the manufacturing industry. Because the virtual NC machine tool is a digital model, it is easy to display, analyze, transmit and iterate the digital model, which provides the possibility of parallel operation for the design, improves the product design quality in an economical and fast way, and shortens the product development cycle. Using virtual NC machine tool technology can provide key data for manufacturability analysis in the process of product design ----- Wang Qi, a graduate student of the school of electrical engineering, Beijing University of chemical technology, can quickly complete various tasks that are inconvenient to operate on the machine tool within the warranty period, such as completing the debugging of NC program, measuring product processing error, evaluating processing efficiency and inspecting interference and collision. Virtual machine tools can also be used to optimize cutting parameters, optimize tool paths, and improve the production efficiency of machine tools and equipment. Using the interactive function between the whole process of machine tool processing and users can provide a fast, safe and resource-free effective means for NC talent training in enterprises and schools, and help machine tool manufacturers realistically demonstrate their products to remote customers. Provide the best development for the manufacturing industry and provide decision-making basis for the optimization of the processing process. The network function of virtual NC machine tool provides a guarantee for the real realization of remote cooperation

virtual NC technology is a comprehensive technical system formed by many advanced disciplines and advanced knowledge, and it is a frontier research field with great potential. Due to the rapid development of multimedia technology, technology and network technology as well as simulation technology when the load of force measuring machine is close to 50kN, virtual NC technology will achieve faster development. Virtual machine tool is the core of virtual machining technology. Networking, intelligence and integration are the development direction of virtual manufacturing technology. The development goal of virtual machine tool software should be to develop engineering oriented practical small software for specific machine tools according to the domestic reality and the development trend of foreign software. Taking a certain type of virtual machine tool as the attachment of this type of CNC machine tool can improve the market competitiveness of CNC machine tools and increase the added value of machine tool products. The application of virtual NC machine tool will bring vitality to manufacturing technology and push the research and development of virtual NC machine tool to a new stage. (end)

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