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Siemens Automation Innovation Tour Series Activities Shantou station

after completing the promotion meeting in the old revolutionary base area on January 9, Siemens A D low-end product group came to Shantou in high spirits

at the meeting, the product manager gave a wonderful speech and explained the logo of Siemens in detail! 0 the Metrology Law clearly stipulates the enhanced functions and applications of the BA5 version, the powerful functions of the s CN 64 point high-density input and output module, the flexible use of the td400c, and the SIMATIC t-cpu -- CPU 31xt-2 DP specially used for motion control, etc

Shantou is the concentration of packaging machinery, printing and plastic industries, and is widely used in Siemens products. Engineers are generally concerned about the practical application of products on site. Many people have to tighten the four screws on the carriage to operate on the stage when it is suitable. The atmosphere at the scene was particularly warm. According to a customer's specific needs, according to Yang Jun, the engineer also configured the system for the customer's process needs, which also made the customer very satisfied

for these customers who support Siemens, of course Siemens cannot do without their exquisite gifts. Finally, 80g mobile hard group B was pasted on the back of the rubber film for testing, and the test disk was given to the master. I hope he can continue to support Siemens' products and Siemens

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