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On August 24, 2010, Mr. Wang Weiguo, vice president of SLC, and Mr. Cui Zhiqiang, senior executive consultant of Shanghai Siemens Industrial Automation Co., Ltd. (SIA) attended the opening ceremony of the fifth Siemens cup national college student control simulation challenge together, And the unveiling ceremony of the joint demonstration training center jointly built by Siemens (China) industrial automation and drive technology group and Shanghai Institute of applied technology

mr. cuizhiqiang, senior executive consultant of SIAS, made an important speech at the ceremony. Although the manufacturer has adopted different connectors for different connecting lines to solve this problem. He stressed that our most important strategy is to invest in China and cultivate a world-class automation team. Therefore, we should not only provide college teachers and students with a more perfect experimental platform under the same output and melt quality to meet the needs of teaching and scientific research tasks; We hope that through our successful experience in industry, we can help colleges and universities in teacher training, curriculum reform, textbook construction and teaching method reform, and truly contribute to the cultivation of students' employment and entrepreneurial ability

as early as 2004, Siemens Automation and drive group set up a special Siemens Automation education cooperation project to actively cooperate with higher education institutions to cultivate high-quality engineering application talents. After six years of efforts, Siemens has established cooperative relations at different levels with more than 70 colleges and vocational colleges across the country

Siemens and Shanghai Institute of applied technology have also established a long-term cooperative relationship through many effective project cooperation between the two sides. For a long time, Siemens has been committed to promoting the cooperation process between the two sides. The establishment of the Shanghai Institute of Applied Technology Siemens joint demonstration and training center is undoubtedly a landmark achievement of the cooperation between the two sides, but it is also an obvious constraint on the development of plastics in China

this successful cooperation with Shanghai Institute of applied technology has added a lot of color to the Siemens Automation education cooperation project, and is a milestone in the field of education cooperation

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