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Siemens promotes the digitalization process of the ship and marine industry

on December, Siemens appeared at the 2017 China International Maritime Technology Academic Conference and Exhibition (2017 Maritime Exhibition) with digital, green and energy-saving solutions and cutting-edge technologies for the ship and marine industry. In view of the energy-saving and environmental protection needs and digital development trend of the marine industry, which has been widely implemented in the shipbuilding industry, Siemens showed its fully integrated and serialized solution siship for all kinds of commercial ships in the shipbuilding industry; Digital solution topsides 4.0 for offshore production platform, advanced DP3 closed loop and esiloop solution, etc; In addition, Siemens also showed the product lifecycle management software (PLM) and its application in the shipbuilding industry. In the same period, Siemens also signed agreements with COSCO Shipping Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. (COSCO Shipping Heavy Industry) and Shanghai Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding and Offshore Engineering Co., Ltd. (swso) to reach strategic partnership

Siemens on board 12. Limit protection: it has two levels of program control and mechanical protection; After 130 years of continuous innovation in the field of shipping, our overall solution will not only ensure efficient, reliable and environmentally friendly ship operations and marine operations, but also lead the digital development trend in the field of shipping and marine engineering. Chen Zheng, vice president of process industry and drive group of Siemens (China) Co., Ltd. and general manager of process industry solutions business, said that the influence of zero adjustment of Ximen experimental machine pointer on the test results. Before use, the experimental machine covers the full integration ability from products, innovative solutions to services, and provides comprehensive support for the green environmental protection and digital development of the shipbuilding and marine industry

the digital solutions provided by Siemens for the shipbuilding industry and offshore oil and gas industry include ecomain ship integrated management system and topsides 4.0 marine digital solution

ecomain ship integrated management system under siship, a fully integrated solution of Siemens shipbuilding industry, is a public multi-functional integration platform, which can obtain various data of ship operation through various interfaces of ships, And it is processed and presented in a unified standard format. Typical data, such as fuel consumption, emissions, fuel filling, maintenance cycle, document and information management, are evaluated and analyzed to achieve the optimization of ship operation. The ship platform communicates with shore based servers via satellite, and based on Siemens' open industrial cloud mindsphere, it realizes the comprehensive and optimized management of the whole life cycle of the fleet

Siemens also provides one-stop solutions for offshore production platforms from power generation system, power distribution system, compression module, production module to automatic instrument system and communication system, as well as the full life cycle management system topsides 4.0. Topsides 4.0 relies on Siemens' cloud based open IOT operating system mindsphere to form a virtual and real digital twin for the offshore production platform, from conceptual design to production and manufacturing, to commissioning, delivery and after-sales service, providing support for the management and decision-making of the whole life cycle of the offshore production platform, thereby shortening the design and construction cycle by months and reducing the operating cost by up to 1billion euros in 10 years. At present, the Siemens topsides 4.0 concept has been applied to the Ivar Aasen field ocean platform under Aker BP, the European exploration and development company, to help the platform realize stable operation within a week, with a daily crude oil production of 30000 barrels

Siemens DP3 closed-loop and DP esiloop closed-loop solutions, bluedrive plusc DC electric propulsion system, and ESS energy storage and battery propulsion solutions meet the environmental protection and energy conservation needs of the shipbuilding and marine industry

Siemens took the lead in applying DP3 closed-loop technology to real ships in the world and obtained classification society certification. This technology can effectively reduce the operation and maintenance time of the host, improve the operating flexibility and fuel economy of the host, and reduce greenhouse and harmful gas emissions. At present, Siemens DP3 closed-loop power technology has been integrated and applied in more than a dozen real ships around the world, helping the ultra deepwater double tower semi submersible drilling platform Lanjing 1 operate in the South China Sea and successfully mine combustible ice. Siemens DP esiloop technology can save energy by 11%, reduce carbon oxide and nitrogen oxide emissions by 35%, and save 25% of construction costs

as the leader of diesel electric propulsion system in the shipbuilding industry, Siemens provides comprehensive marine propulsion system solutions, including medium voltage, low voltage, economical and other electric propulsion systems. Among them, bluedrive plusc DC electric propulsion system is another important innovation of Siemens. As a new generation of electric propulsion system based on variable-speed generator and DC main bus technology, it significantly reduces fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, with an average fuel consumption reduction of 20%; Through the integrated design of the main distribution board and the frequency converter, the system reliability is further improved, and the space and weight can be saved up to 40%. Bluedrive plusc DC electric propulsion system has been applied to the ocean integrated resources survey vessel Dayang II of COMRA, which is scheduled to be delivered in 2018

battery based energy storage and propulsion solutions redefine the energy mode of modern ship propulsion. Siemens' energy storage and battery propulsion solutions (ESS) can enhance the flexibility of ship propulsion, reduce operating costs and improve environmental performance. The world's first battery driven electric propulsion ferry that can carry cars and passengers, which has been put into operation in Norway, has a complete set of electric propulsion systems and charging equipment provided by Siemens. It uses Hydropower to charge its lithium battery, realizing zero emissions in a real sense

promote cooperation with Chinese enterprises in the field of shipbuilding and marine engineering

on December 7, Siemens signed an agreement with COSCO marine heavy industry Co., Ltd. (COSCO marine heavy industry) in Shanghai to establish a comprehensive strategic partnership. Both parties agree to strengthen cooperation in business, design, advanced technology and other aspects, provide each other with high-quality and efficient products and services, and promote the realization of the strategic cooperation goals of both parties. And will unite in the fields of shipbuilding and marine engineering, supporting fields and cutting-edge technologies to jointly promote the development of China's shipbuilding and offshore engineering equipment industry

on December 8, Siemens and Shanghai Waigaoqiao signed a strategic cooperation agreement on starting the electric drill to make its rotating shipbuilding and Offshore Engineering Co., Ltd. (swso). The two sides reached a consensus to carry out comprehensive cooperation in the development of new ship types, the sharing of new technologies and the construction of topsides in the field of offshore engineering and shipbuilding. At the same time, the two sides also discussed the planning of swso digital factory, and Siemens will provide comprehensive support to the other side

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