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Siemens Building Technology creates a perfect space for you

buildings consume 41% of the global energy and account for 21% of the total global carbon emissions. At the same time, people spend more than 90% of their life in indoor space. Committed to creating a perfect space for mankind, Siemens believes that the digital wave is sweeping into the field of building technology, and will fundamentally change its design planning, building use and building control methods

nowadays, the demand for building functions is gradually improving and refining. Taking commercial facilities as an example, it covers hotels, commercial office buildings, commercial complexes and other types of buildings. More and more buildings take energy consumption reduction and green environmental protection into consideration in building management. In addition to considering the basic requirements of comfort, convenience and safety, these buildings also have obvious differences in functional requirements. At the same time, owners will also put forward more and more personalized needs, which puts forward higher standards for the intelligent building industry

facing this trend, Siemens believes that the digitalization of building technology affects the whole life cycle of buildings, including all links from building construction planning to building use and management, and ultimately provides users with a perfect smart space. Digitalization is the key to efficient and intelligent interconnected buildings that can communicate

first of all, thanks to digitalization, buildings can transmit information data such as energy consumption and waiting for maintenance. Data transmission starts from the joint product. Sensors and actuators provide continuous data flow and send it to the cloud. Through data analysis and with the help of Siemens technology, these big data can be transformed into intelligent data. In this way, user behavior or consumption patterns can be identified and corresponding corrective measures can be taken. These self optimization functions based on joint products, cloud solutions and intelligent data will form the central nervous system of buildings and endow buildings with wisdom. IOT, the cornerstone of building technology digitalization, integrates the real world and the digital world, connects different fields of buildings, and lays the foundation for creating new digitalization. Therefore, the thermal insulation performance of foam will decay with time, and the service and building model will be built

secondly, using digital interfaces, Siemens Desigo CC building and energy management platform integrates data from different fields (such as HVAC, security, fire protection, etc.) into one user interface. This makes the centralized management, control and analysis of the whole building. 3. Significant advantages of safety: it is possible to make the building operation more economical, safe, energy-saving and efficient

in addition, different from the current practice of planning while construction, building information model (BIM) uses virtual data model to comprehensively plan the whole building at one stroke, and then conduct simulation tests and correct them as needed. In essence, the building has been built twice, virtual construction from the computer and construction in the real world, which is the digital twins in the building with good reliability. Siemens Building users can use the existing functions of the software to complete the mechanical test project. Yu technology group is one of the first suppliers of comprehensive HVAC products including building information model data, which are used to serve the digital twins of buildings. The digital model is designed for building design, and building simulation, testing and error correction are carried out in the design stage. This approach is conducive to optimizing energy efficiency, saving costs and achieving sustainable development. Today, Siemens has more than 10000 products containing building information model data from different fields, including field equipment, room automation and fire safety, and the number of related products is still increasing

in order to highlight the above concepts, Siemens will take creating a perfect smart space as the theme and bring its smart building solutions to the 2017 China International Intelligent Building Exhibition and 2017 Intelligent Building Industry Development Summit Forum held from March 13 to 15. At that time, Siemens Building Technology Group will display a rich product portfolio, systems and solutions for energy-efficient rooms and buildings

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