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Siemens and other four international companies joined the Mexican high-speed rail bidding

according to the latest news from CSR on December 1, China Railway Construction Corporation and CSR intend to launch the Mexican high-speed rail bidding again. CSR insiders said that under normal circumstances, we will definitely participate in the bidding. But at present, there are no more items in the project, so it's inconvenient to talk too much about it. At the same time, the source confirmed that the deadline for the second round of Mexican bidding will be extended to 6 to 8 months

according to sources, at present, Siemens, Bombardier, Alstom and Mitsubishi, the four most competitive international companies, will participate in the second bidding. They believe that the most unfavorable factor for Chinese bidding is that the bidding period of the second round of bidding may be extended to 6 to 8 months

in the first round of bidding, a total of 17 companies, including Chinese enterprises, expressed interest in the Mexican high-speed rail project. However, because the Mexican side only gave a three-month bidding period, many international companies, except China Railway Construction and CSR consortium, were unable to submit bids and start construction within the time limit set by the Mexican side. Finally, the Chinese side was able to win. If the bidding period of the second bidding was extended to 6 to 8 months, it would certainly pose a certain threat to Chinese enterprises. However, the above-mentioned CSR person also said that according to the practice of international companies operating this large-scale project, from risk prediction, legal evaluation to tender preparation, the time of 6 to 8 months is not loose

the above CSR people believe that the advantages of Chinese enterprises are all-round. China has given a package promotion plan for the high-speed rail project, and the services provided involve the whole industrial chain from infrastructure and vehicle to later operation. It is difficult for other international companies to do so. CSR is still confident in the future bidding

Academician Wang Mengshu, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering and deputy chief engineer of China Railway Tunnel Group, who participated in the modification of China's first bid, said that the entire Chinese bidding team has not left Mexico these days and is currently negotiating a second bid there. Wang Mengshu said that the relationship between the two sides has been very harmonious, and there is a great possibility of winning the second bid

according to Caixin, after Mexico withdrew its bid, the China Railway Construction consortium immediately negotiated with Mexico. At that time, Mexico promised to start the second bidding within a few weeks, and China Railway Construction immediately began work on the second bidding. At present, both at home and abroad, China Railway Construction Co., Ltd. has devoted all possible resources to preparing for the second bidding. China Railway Construction consortium is still the most powerful team in the second bidding and is confident to win again. He said

according to a source, China Railway Construction imported 2.8348 million tons in the form of special customs supervision areas, on November 15, Zhang Zongyan, President of China railway construction, made a special appointment with Qiu Xiaoqi, Chinese ambassador to Mexico. At present, the bid preparation team led by China Railway Construction International Group and composed of China Railway 11th Bureau, China Railway 12th Bureau and China Railway Siyuan is still working on site in Mexico

another person from China's rail transit equipment enterprises said that at present, among the four international companies mentioned above, Bombardier is the biggest threat to Chinese enterprises. He believed that Bombardier was a Canadian company and worked out the shore a hardness value with Mersey This hardness tester uses a sensor to measure the displacement of the pressure pin, and then calculates through the CPU that Chuge belongs to the Americas. It is the closest geographical location to Mexico among several companies with bid winning strength, and Bombardier has been developed in the Mexican market for many years. Bombardier's brand popularity in Mexico is far better than that of China Railway Construction and CSR

in addition, according to Wang Mengshu, deputy chief engineer of China railway tunnel group reported by the media, Mexico has compensated more than 100 million yuan for unilaterally canceling the bid winning of Chinese enterprises. A person from China Railway Construction said that in this bidding, Chinese enterprises successfully won the bid with their own competitiveness, and the result was completely fair and legal. In the past month, Mexico has also repeatedly promised the China Railway Construction consortium that it will strive to solve the current problems and protect the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese enterprises

according to the above-mentioned China Railway Construction source, at present, China and Mexico are not involved in the specific amount of compensation. For example, if famous enterprises including Volkswagen, Ford, general motors, Sony, Gree and so on fail in the second round of bidding, China may launch a claim procedure for the withdrawal of the first round of bidding

on November 4, a bidding consortium consisting of China Railway Construction Corporation, CSR and four local Mexican enterprises won the bid for the Mexico City cretaro high-speed rail project. However, only three days later, on November 7, Mexico's minister of transportation, Luis ESPASA, said that the country's president Pena withdrew the bidding result and decided to restart the bidding process. China Railway Construction Corporation (CRCC) issued a statement on November 9, saying that it was extremely shocked by the withdrawal of Mexico's bid

since 2010, China's high-speed rail has been constantly trying to go abroad. CSR and CNR, the two largest rail transit manufacturing enterprises in China, have been promoted many times in Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe, Russia, the United States and other places, but compared with the domestic EMU orders of nearly 100 billion yuan a year, overseas orders are almost zero. Mexico's high-speed rail project was likely to be the first step for China's high-speed rail to go global, so it has attracted domestic attention since Chinese companies made public bidding

the overseas expansion of Chinese rail equipment manufacturing enterprises is concentrated in the Southeast Asian market; There are also certain projects in the markets of Central Asia, South America, Australia and Africa; However, North America and European markets decide that the different fields of the sensors used are basically blank. In terms of export products, including locomotives, freight cars, passenger cars, urban rail, subway and other locomotives and vehicles

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