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Siemens announced the establishment of an office in Zibo

being close to customers is crucial to the success of Siemens' business in China. Recently, Siemens China announced the establishment of an office in Zibo, one of the most important industrial cities in Shandong Province. The establishment of Zibo office shows that this region is becoming more and more important for Siemens' business development. Siemens (China) Co., Ltd. Zibo office will serve customers in Zibo and surrounding areas

Siemens plans to further increase sales while maintaining good profits. The company hopes to expand the business volume of existing customers by more effectively occupying the market, and win more new customers by increasing the coverage of local sales and services. As part of this strategy, which applies to a variety of standards, Siemens will increase the number of regional offices to 60 to better serve local customers. The establishment of the new office in Zibo is a sprint for "double 101" in the West; Another customer said that Menzi was an important milestone in the process of increasing its coverage of major markets

Mr. wuyongxin, vice president of Siemens (China) Co., Ltd. and general manager of Shandong Province, stressed: "we increase investment in the region in order to better understand the local market and meet customer needs. The establishment of Zibo office is an important step in the regional development strategy. Through this office, Siemens will better provide innovative products, systems, services and solutions to customers in Zibo and surrounding areas."

in recent years, the society and economy of Zibo have developed rapidly. Today, Zibo has become an important industrial base in Shandong Province. Its industrial structure is comprehensive, covering chemical, mining, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, machinery, textile, ceramic production and processing industries. However, at the same time, Zibo is also facing the challenge of improving industrial efficiency to maintain its attractiveness and competitiveness. Therefore, it is very important for Zibo enterprises to master the most advanced production automation systems and solutions and establish modern infrastructure to promote the development of their industrial base

"As a leading provider of industrial solutions, Siemens is an ideal partner for Zibo to promote the modernization of the industry of strain control or displacement control. We can provide automation solutions that help various industrial fields and are not coincident with the main needle, with high yield and efficiency. We are very proud to have contributed to the development and prosperity of Zibo in the past. Today, we reiterate here to strengthen cooperation with our customers Partnership commitment, we will be committed to providing customers with advanced, innovative and customized products, systems, services and solutions, and ultimately make their business more successful, efficient and competitive. " Mr. wuyongxin finally said

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