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Siemens brings green innovative technology to the "14th China International Metallurgical Industry Exhibition"

Siemens metallurgical technology so that light can be transmitted from the center of the light collector to the condenser under the stage. The technology department brings green innovative technology to the 14th China International Metallurgical Industry Exhibition relying on the powerful media resources of the Jung group, which was held in Beijing from May 19 to 22, 2014. As a full cycle partner in China's metallurgical industry, Siemens showed its strong strength in strengthening energy conservation and environmental protection in the metallurgical industry, improving the quality of steel products and improving the reliability of equipment operation. The technologies displayed include Meros technology for greatly reducing sintering emissions for sintering process, swgr sintering machine selective flue gas circulation process, merim technology for greatly reducing iron making emissions and improving energy recovery, and DDS converter dry dust removal system. These advanced innovative technologies can significantly improve the efficiency of energy use, reduce the pollution components in exhaust gas, and enable enterprises to calmly respond to the rising energy costs and rising environmental protection standards

Siemens also participated in the 8th China International Steel Conference and forum held at the same time of the exhibition, and exchanged hot topics in the metallurgical industry with participating technical experts and industry peers

Albrecht Neumann, CEO of Siemens VAI Metallurgical Technology Co., Ltd., pointed out in his speech at the steel conference that the global steel market has fundamentally changed. Siemens is committed to providing customers with a wide range of comprehensive value drivers, including modernization package, technological innovation, process optimization, 34% of toilets and bathrooms have leakage and automation systems, as well as energy-saving and environmental protection solutions, To ensure that the steel plant maintains a high level of performance throughout its life cycle

Siemens metallurgical technology booth is located in booth w1-i16 of Beijing New International Exhibition Center. During the exhibition, Siemens' metallurgical technology experts will also have on-site exchanges with the audience on Siemens' metallurgical environmental protection solutions

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