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The development and application of water transfer substrate

the birth of transfer technology solves the problem that conventional printing methods cannot solve. 3. I look for the main body of universal material testing machine. People know that the initial printing is only for paper and film, and the so-called four printing processes are mainly for this kind of substrate, which is a very mature technology. If the pictures and texts printed on paper and film can be processed and transferred to complex products, the traditional printing process will get more applause, which is transfer technology

water transfer substrate is a printing film that processes graphics and texts that can be transferred as a whole on the surface of the substrate, which can be plastic film or water transfer paper. As long as those who have experience need the carrier, the emergence of the carrier should be a great progress in printing technology, because many products are difficult to print directly. We can print the text on the carrier that is easy to print through the mature printing technology, and then transfer the text to the substrate that needs it. For example, products with a certain height, heavy products, products with strange shapes, and products with a small area can adopt the transfer process to bend the strength and modulus. As far as water transfer printing technology is concerned, it has a wide range of adaptability, and there are almost no products that cannot be transferred

information source: China printing and image making Association

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