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Siemens automation system department successfully held the 2011 elite OEM key customer senior management training

from August 2 to 5, 2011, Siemens 2011 elite OEM key customer senior management training was successfully held in Tengchong, Yunnan. The training was organized by the automation system Department of Siemens industrial automation group, and a total of about 40 people participated in the training. The participants mainly included Shanghai Pacific Textile Machinery Complete Equipment Co., Ltd., Changsha Zhonglian heavy industry technology development Co., Ltd., Dongguan Hongbao lithium battery technology Co., Ltd., Beijing hengchi Technology Co., Ltd., Foshan henglitai Machinery Co., Ltd Customers of Hubei Jingshan Light Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. and other customer companies, as well as colleagues from OEM BD of automation system department

training is mainly divided into internal and external parts. During the internal training, the participants reviewed the business development of the OEM of the automation system department in fiscal year 10/11, introduced the development strategy of the whole automation department 1: TPU foaming particle system and OE, as well as the product strategy and innovation of factory automation and process automation, and focused on the business model of OEM BD and the cooperative relationship with customers. In the external training, Western experts introduced the development of the whole automation system department and OEM BD in detail to the customers from the macro and micro perspectives: F - the experimental force of pressing the metal sample surface, and focused on the promotion and introduction of the new products of Siemens Automation System Department, and made a series of training on it

this 2011 elite OEM key customer senior management training is based on the purpose of coexistence and win-win results. It is a relevant training for high-end customers to enter Mr. zobel's introduction bank, which will help Siemens continuously improve its grasp of market trends and keep up with the opportunities brought by technological development

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