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Siemens appeared at the world Intelligent Manufacturing Conference with digital solutions

live display of digital enterprise solutions based on digital twins, which provided a practical development path for the transformation and upgrading of China's manufacturing industry

at the same time, Siemens Digital Innovation Forum was held, which was displayed in industrial big data, IOT, industrial information security, interconnected transportation Leading solutions in the fields of smart water and smart home

help Chinese industrial partners achieve industrial transformation and upgrading with practical digital technologies, products, solutions and services

Siemens' world leading digital solutions were unveiled at the 2016 World Smart Manufacturing Conference held in Beijing today. With the theme of making manufacturing smarter, this conference aims to deepen international cooperation, technological exchange and industrial docking in the field of intelligent manufacturing. Siemens showed the digital enterprise solutions based on the digital twins at the exhibition, presenting a complete picture of the future of industrial digitalization, and providing a practical development path for the transformation and upgrading of China's manufacturing industry. In addition, Siemens will also hold a digital innovation forum with the theme of Zhihui innovation and digital future, to communicate and interact with the audience on the most cutting-edge intelligent manufacturing technology

the rise of digitalization and the popularity of Internet are changing many industries, and have a great impact on business models, value creation processes and products. Bernhard quendt, chief technology officer of Siemens' Digital Factory Group, said that with rich experience in electrification, automation and digitalization, Siemens' advanced digital enterprise solutions can support enterprises' integration and digital transformation covering the entire value chain. At present, Siemens has many successful cases and applications of digital enterprises, helping customers set new benchmarks in terms of time to market, flexibility, efficiency and quality

the Siemens booth comprehensively demonstrates the integrated applications it provides for customers to optimize production systems and processes throughout the life cycle of factories and products. Among them, the digital enterprise demonstration models for discrete industries and process industries respectively reflect the large-scale customized digital enterprise demonstration line designed by customers and the process industry intelligent digital solution demonstration line that perfectly integrates virtual and reality, so that the on-site audience can feel the leap forward productivity growth in the industrial 4.0 era

China's manufacturing development blue and tensile strength measurement chart is the same as the concept of German industry 4.0. To maintain national competitiveness in the changing industrial field, Thomas Hahn, chief digital expert of Siemens Central Research Institute, said that German enterprises have been actively moving towards the vision of industry 4.0. At present, more than 250 products and applications for Industry 4.0 have been implemented in enterprises in various industries

on December 8, Siemens China Research Institute will invite more than 150 guests to participate in the Zhihui innovation digital future innovation sub forum hosted by Siemens. The forum will show Siemens' forward-looking technologies and cases in the fields of industrial big data, industrial IOT, industrial information security, Internet transportation, smart water and smart home, and discuss plans for further cooperation with Chinese customers and partners in smart manufacturing, committed to building a localized innovation ecosystem

as a solid partner of Chinese industry, Siemens is committed to helping Chinese industrial partners achieve industrial transformation and upgrading with practical digital technology, products, solutions and services. In June 2016, Siemens signed a memorandum of understanding with the national development and Reform Commission of China to continue comprehensive cooperation, covering innovative R & D, intelligent manufacturing, intelligent infrastructure, sustainable energy and regional development. At the same time, Siemens continues to deepen its cooperation with local governments in intelligent manufacturing, intelligent infrastructure and talent training with the governments of Shenyang, Guangdong and Dongguan respectively. Due to the continuous progress of technology and the needs of market segmentation, the universal metal material testing machine shows a situation that the two series and four types of hydraulic and electronic Jinan assays are equal. Although the impact testing machine is technologically advanced, it is a development trend, However, in the next period of time, affected by factors such as price, cost and manufacturing difficulty, all kinds of experimental machines will still compete and coexist in the market. Only by deeply understanding the advantages and disadvantages in terms of control characteristics, structural situation and important parameters, can we choose suitable areas such as product maintenance and innovation, sign a memorandum of cooperation, carry out long-term and practical cooperation, support local figures, but express packaging is independent The overall safety and stability transformation and upgrading of FMCG packaging. In addition, since March 2016, Siemens has also successively established innovation centers in China focusing on digital R & D, focusing on the R & D work in the fields of intelligent transportation solutions (CMS), industrial big data analysis, industrial IOT (WOS), industrial network security center and core components of industrial robots that require product transparency for the Chinese market

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