Kefan customized this wave of high-profile design

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Kefan customizes this wave of high-profile design for the whole house, which is tailored for elite people, and brings you to meet the ideal light luxury life

dream is far away, life is close

we walk through the prosperous city every day

never easily compromise with life

in a confident and calm pace

pursue our own light luxury quality life

in a fashionable and free living space

dissipate fatigue, Take down the precautions

so how to create the light luxury you want

- luxury life -

Kefan tailored for the elite

make prosperity simple

in the just concluded China Construction Expo, Kefan omitted redundant and complex lines, set off a rich and minimalist space with lights, presented in a mode of large-area high-grade gray and dotted with small-area bright colors, and implemented the light luxury style to the end

North America - Purple oak, emerald green bright baking paint, lemon yellow, silver moon grey, Iceland - Snow White In the design, different materials meet different functions, revealing a poetic and flexible atmosphere, and playing the color incisively and vividly

be an artist of life - light luxury living room

Kefan designs light luxury quality life that ordinary people can afford

when night falls, prosperity falls, and everything is flat, the most desired thing in my heart is still the peace and warmth of home, which is tailored for elite people and makes prosperity simple

the living room brings the unique sense of ceremony into the space with a huge high TV cabinet. The high cabinet of the living room is designed to be 6 meters high, which reflects the flexibility of customization and the good bearing capacity of the product. It improves the force of the living room, matches the background wall, and the cabinet running through the upper and lower parts is more imposing

the overall space design adopts a conflicting visual experience, perfectly integrating coven Cologne black oak + bright cream grey baking paint into one, and the personalized TV cabinet space storage and distribution is used for the display of books and collections

efficient storage space - light luxury cabinet series

navy blue is naturally aristocratic. It has a magnificent momentum like the ocean and a profound mystery like the plateau of the sky. The elegance of navy blue will create a new style of home. Whether it is the use of large areas or the decoration of small areas, it will make the whole space extraordinary

the open kitchen design perfectly combines "function" and "hedonism", showing a modern sense. The cabinet and the island bar are designed together to facilitate the storage of cooking utensils and tableware, enhance the privacy of the kitchen, and the dining table is covered with oak, which is fashionable and atmospheric

cabinet details

the cupboard glass door in the cabinet area adopts bronze inner arc frame gray glass, which has a three-dimensional effect and deduces high texture under the light; Combined with glass elements, the international ultra white glass laminate is more atmospheric and fashionable as a whole

make life more textured -- light luxury cloakroom

the spacious and comfortable cloakroom is integrated with a walk-in + half open structural design. In North America, where the mysterious purple oak cabinet body collided with the verdant emerald green baking varnish, the tropical forest printed wallboard became a highlight, flowing some romantic colors into the space

cloakroom details

exquisite appearance and abundant heart are the life state that people pursue all their lives. The same is true of the wardrobe. The high-quality interior storage system of the wardrobe sets off the owner's clothing taste more; Every kind of collocation you can get at hand makes every piece of clothing behind the cabinet door make you jump to wear

the functional zoning of the wardrobe is obvious and reasonable, and there are special storage spaces in the hanging area, stacking area, underwear area, shoes and socks area and bedding area

about companionship and growth -- modern children's room series

"growth" is the theme of this design, and safety, convenience, fun and variability are the design principles. From infancy to adolescence, it is a comprehensive product integrating function, storage and appearance

bright yellow is used in the overall design, with bright colors, which can stimulate children's intellectual development and artistic training. Lemon yellow is the theme color of this design, which represents fun, lively and active. Combined with oblique digital handle, open grid storage, hidden drawer and other elements, virtual and real echo, creating a fashionable and interesting space atmosphere

in addition to meeting the storage function, Kefan is committed to studying the interest and influence of children's living space. Through modular cabinet design, like building blocks, fun lattice cabinets are used to decorate children's personalized growth space

the crib can change with the growth cycle, and the bed body can be disassembled, showing that Kefan can meet the needs of different stages: one bed to five beds, children's playground, stool + storage cabinet, study area drawer, storage cabinet, and beds for teenagers can meet the needs

efficient storage space -- light luxury laundry

with the different times, the multi-functional laundry is not only the change of lifestyle, but also the embodiment of a luxurious lifestyle. Open all the cabinets, and the interior is like a treasure chest, from tools to daily storage

make efficient use of the hanging cabinet space to provide users with a clearer vision and a faster storage method. The pull-down design of the hanging cabinet basket turns the traditional hanging cabinet into an ergonomic storage system, which is more convenient for users. With a gentle pull, items can be placed, accessed and reached by hand

on the right is a glass plate wardrobe, which is convenient for temporary storage of valuable clothes that need dry cleaning; The application of ultra thick side plates, heavy and tangible, is the first precedent. The built-in lamp slot is fashionable and atmospheric, increasing the sense of hierarchy. Different ways of clothing design, suitable for storing different items

light luxury

represents a kind of low

a kind of elegance, a kind of comfort

a pursuit of quality of life

both temperament and personality, style is full

are you excited about such light luxury




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