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In family decoration, we tend to focus on the kitchen and bathroom, and despise the children's room and study. The following editor will introduce the precautions for the decoration of the study and children's room:

in family decoration, we tend to focus on the kitchen and bathroom, and despise the children's room and study, The following editor will introduce you to the precautions for the decoration of the study and children's room:

Qingshan decoration Bingyuan decoration

the study should first do “ Ming ”. Because the human eye works in too strong or weak light, it will have a great impact on vision. So it's best to put the desk by the window with plenty of sunshine but not direct sunlight. In this way, when you are tired at work, you can look out from the window to rest your eyes. The study must be equipped with a lamp and a spotlight for the bookcase, which is convenient for the owner to read and find books. But pay attention to the desk lamp. The light should shine evenly on the place where you read and write. It should not be too close to people to avoid glare

“ Static ” It is very necessary for the study, because people's work efficiency in a noisy environment is much lower than that in a quiet environment. So when decorating the study, we should choose those decorative materials with good sound insulation and absorption effects. The ceiling can be made of sound-absorbing gypsum board, the wall can be decorated with PVC sound-absorbing board or upholstered decorative cloth, the floor can be made of carpet with good sound-absorbing effect, and the curtain should be made of thick material to block the noise outside the window

the layout of the study should be as “ Ya ”. In the study, don't just a group of large bookcases, add a capital desk and a chair, and fully integrate the interest into the decoration of the study. An art collection, a few paintings or photos, even a few simple handicrafts, can add a little elegance and freshness to the study

the study should also pay attention to one “ Sequence ” Word. For example, it can be stored separately in writing area, consulting area and storage area, which not only makes the study orderly, but also improves the efficiency of work. The color and shape of desks and chairs should be carefully designed to achieve a reasonable and comfortable sitting posture, convenient and natural operation. In terms of hue, cold hue should be used as much as possible. The style should be elegant, simple, quiet and solemn. The bookcase is decorated with handicrafts and decorative paintings on the wall to break the slightly monotonous atmosphere in the study

precautions for decoration of children's room:

natural and environmentally friendly materials, such as wooden materials, should be used as much as possible in the decoration of baby room. However, natural stones should be avoided as much as possible, because natural stones have radioactive hazards. In particular, some paint, wood-based panel and rubber products should be tested unswervingly to see whether they meet the ten standards

specifically, the floor, wall and lamps are the three main items of the decoration of the house. Therefore, the decoration materials of the baby room must pay attention to these three categories

floor: it is best to choose solid wood floor or environmental protection carpet for the floor of the baby room. These materials are natural and environmental protection, and have the characteristics of softness and warmth. They are suitable for children to play, learn to crawl, etc. However, it should be noted that the carpet must be vacuumed every day to keep clean; If children are older, they need to use anti-wear and durable ground materials. Generally, composite solid wood flooring is more commonly used, because it avoids the formaldehyde problem of composite flooring, but it is thicker than solid wood flooring, more durable and easy to clean

wall: for the decoration of the baby room, it is better to decorate the wall with environmental friendly fabric wallpaper, which is not afraid of pictures and easy to clean. Some people regard zero VOC paint as the ideal wall paint for baby rooms. In fact, paint is the culprit for the release of VOC in home decoration, whether it is the release or the use area. VOC in wall coating will generally drop to zero after 30 days as the wall dries. The paint with low VOC content has almost zero grip fastness to the wall, which is easy to fall off and will contaminate the children who touch it




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