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Nowadays, the career development of doors and windows in China is not ideal. Affected by the rise of the real estate market, human capital, raw materials and other aspects, the career of doors and windows has been in a downturn in recent years. In order to break in the depressed market, the company has formed a situation of alliance with each other. It sounds like a very attractive circuitous strategy, which is likely to promote brand extension. 2016 brand alliance may become the general trend of the door and window industry. If the door and window brand company can grasp it well, it will be able to create win-win market interests

brand alliance becomes a trend. The analysis of shopping malls in the early stage of door and window brand companies is very important.

the analysis of shopping malls is very important.

before establishing an alliance, door and window brand companies should analyze the shopping malls in their region and understand the previous alliance operation together. According to the situation of consumers and competitions, put forward the ways and appeal points of the alliance. On the basis of clarifying the key points, find the key elements that affect local consumption behavior, and determine the main and non essential ways of customer origin together. During the planning period, we should consider the multiple ways of customer origin to reduce the risk

clear policy is the condition

whether at the beginning of establishing the alliance or in normal operation, there should be clear policy. Fang is a centripetal force for any brand owner and salesperson in the alliance. Let's fight for it together, so that the alliance will not lose its way when making any decision and plan. Of course, the act of paying for the policy will also be accepted by any business and salesperson in the alliance, and we will try our best to fight for the policy

rules are more beneficial

no rules, no boundaries. Every brand business in the alliance is the boss, and we will not like to be controlled by others. Whether we vote to be the president, we have no power to command others. At the beginning of establishing the alliance, we must follow the rules and norms at the same time, and use rules to bind every boss and do every homework, so we will not feel bad about it, and the homework we hand over will also be recognized by us. This criterion is established by a third-party planning company. They will plan the criterion from a fair and equitable point of view, so that we can implement it without doubt

capital combination is the key

combination is divided into two parts, one is internal and the other is external. Internal is if we get the desired capital from other brands in the alliance, including customers, contacts, friendship, etc., that is, we show our own advantages together. After the combination of advantages, we work together to develop the mall and get the results we all want. Externally, it is for consumers. In the past, we were fighting alone, but now we are not fighting alone. Let consumers hear the loudest voice, the strongest alliance organization, and the mall is naturally ours

in short, brand alliance is a specific operation for door and window brand companies. If the company wants to achieve the fantasy success in this "collaboration", it must do a good job in details. Only in this way can the advantages of "alliance" be displayed to the extreme

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