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Dell will launch three new printers to continue to challenge HP DELL computer plans to add three more members to its printer family on Tuesday, further attracting users from HP, the leader of printers, to its own side

the three new printers mentioned above respectively include a laser printer, an inkjet printer and a multi-functional device integrating printing, scanning and copying at a price of $89. Their launch will increase Dell's finished product categories to seven. Only three months ago, in order to challenge the printer giant Hewlett Packard, Dell just released its first printer. In addition,

so Dell launched a new printer at an amazing speed

as Dell can see from the lower part of the force measuring cylinder, the new printer, which has improved the measurement accuracy, is manufactured by Lexmark, the second largest printer manufacturer

Tim Peters, vice president and general manager of Dell's imaging and printing department, said: "users welcomed us into the printer market more than we expected." A representative of Dell disclosed that Dell had sold twice its expected sales of printers, but declined to disclose the specific number of printers sold

among the new printers mentioned above, there is a cutting-edge product, which is the M5200n laser printer. This monochrome laser printer can print 35 pages per minute at a price of 999 US dollars. The other two printers are aimed at a single user. The $99 personal inkjet printer j740 can print 18 black-and-white pages or 14 color pages per minute. The other multi-function printer a920 is an entry-level device

the above three printers will be first launched in the United States on Tuesday, and will be launched in other markets in the world later this year. Chenlirong

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