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Delixi seeks new achievements under the new normal at present, there is a hot word in China's economic field called the new normal, which means that China is in the shifting period of growth rate, the painful period of structural adjustment and the digestion period of early stimulus policies. In the superposition stage of these three phases, economic development has changed from high-speed growth to medium and high-speed growth. Today, after 30 years of trials and tribulations, Delixi Group, facing the new normal of economy and embarking on a new journey of development, will continue to write a more magnificent song of entrepreneurship and innovation with fuller passion, higher morale and more pragmatic style to create a better future

the year 2014 marks the 30th anniversary of the founding of Delixi Group. All Delixi people are pragmatic, innovative, and United. Despite the increasing pressure of the economic downturn, they have still made gratifying achievements, and presented a generous gift to the 30th anniversary of the group. Up to now, Delixi Group's operating income, profit and tax paid have maintained growth, and has been listed among the top 500 Chinese enterprises and the top 500 Chinese private enterprises for 13 consecutive years

first, new achievements have been made in management. Delixi grasped the development trend of the industry, optimized the strategy, implemented it, and achieved the expected results in the key work. Promote the integrated application of information technology, optimize the implementation of ERP and OA systems, and enhance the collaboration of production, supply, marketing and other businesses. We carried out budget and final accounts, issued short-term financing bonds and medium-term notes, optimized the asset structure, implemented audit transformation, and effectively prevented economic losses. The channel has been changed, both online and offline have been laid out at the same time, and retail, strategic key customers and large projects have been developed simultaneously, which has improved sales performance. The electric company has established an authorized retail network and launched an e-service system to provide customers with personalized services. Hangzhou Delixi opened several official flagship stores and actively prepared to build e-commerce companies. Strict risk control has maintained normal business order. The number of cases handled and the amount of compensation received were the highest in previous years

second, new progress has been made in R & D. Delixi paid close attention to scientific and technological innovation. Last year, Delixi implemented 50 projects for new products, realized more than 40 achievements transformation, implemented 29 technological transformation, and obtained 133 patents, one of which was selected into the national Torch Program. 84 series and 426 specifications of new products have been launched, further enriching the product line; A new batch of key equipment has been added to initially form the batch production capacity of intelligent electrical appliances. A number of technical transformation projects adopt automatic feeding, testing and welding, which not only improves the production capacity and quality, but also saves the cost

third, the project adds new vitality. Delixi not only manages existing projects based on the current situation, but also takes a long-term view, aims at emerging fields and explores investment opportunities. Xinjiang Communications Group has integrated line resources, piloted feeder transportation, applied for express delivery qualification, achieved steady growth in performance, and won the national advanced unit in energy conservation and emission reduction in transportation. Recently, the prospectus of Jiaoyun group has been disclosed at the CSRC station, taking an important step towards listing. The environmental protection industry has promoted standardized management, and the project has entered the investment return period; The listing application of Dechang environmental protection new third board has been accepted by relevant national departments. The real estate logistics has achieved its business objectives, Hangzhou Delixi building has made new achievements in leasing, and the energy mining industry has made strategic adjustments. At the same time, the construction of Delixi intelligent industrial park has been started, Guangdong Deli optoelectronics has been completed and put into operation, the main works of Wuhu project have been capped, and Shandong Linyi project is under optimization design

fourth, culture has reached a new level. Delixi constantly improves democratic management mechanisms such as the workers' Congress and the collection of golden ideas; We have carried out learning and training, introduced various talents, and conducted internal competitive recruitment to optimize the talent team; We improved the treatment of employees, carried out recreational and sports activities, commended meritorious talents, and stimulated the work enthusiasm of employees

facing opportunities and challenges under the new normal, it is our honor to widely use it in iron and steel metallurgy, factories and mining enterprises, quality supervision, colleges and universities, departments, research institutes, construction materials, aerospace and other industries for material analysis, inspection and supervision

to do a good job in the future work of Delixi Group, we must understand the new normal, adapt to the new normal, and lead the new normal. Changes in the external environment pose new challenges to the development of Delixi. Therefore, we must do something in the aspects of structure optimization, technology upgrading, cost control and risk management

the new normal is a period full of risks and opportunities. The government will continue to optimize the development environment for private enterprises by deepening the measures of streamlining administration and delegating power, cracking down on corruption and changing the political style; The state vigorously promotes the transformation of economic structure, the reform of state-owned enterprises, the exploration of mixed ownership, and the expansion of free trade zones, which will bring more opportunities for the transformation and upgrading of advantageous enterprises reaching US $46.3 billion; The key industries proposed by the state and relevant policies, such as new energy development and utilization, smart city plan, e-commerce, and big health industry, will become a rare opportunity for the group to cultivate future business growth points; The state vigorously promotes new urbanization and urban-rural integration, urban transformation, agricultural transformation, shantytown transformation, housing projects, major infrastructure construction, etc., which will create more space for the expansion of electrical and other industries

at the beginning of the new year, Delixi will go to a new level and lead the new normal.

2015, Delixi will stand at a new historical node and make great strides towards the grand goals of industrial internationalization, production automation, product intelligence and sales network

first, we should uphold the sound concept and optimize the development pattern. Delixi should adhere to the sound concept, rationally formulate plans, reasonably set operation and management objectives, seriously organize the implementation, strive to cultivate new growth points, make accurate efforts and seek breakthroughs

planning guidance should be strengthened. In response to the new normal, the state has put forward some specific ideas and relevant policies on economic restructuring, digestion of excess capacity, industrial upgrading, cultivation of new growth points and other issues. Delixi must size up the situation, act in accordance with the times, take advantage of the situation, find favorable factors, avoid unfavorable factors, make systematic thinking and re planning for Delixi's industrial development, industrial combination, industrial positioning, implementation path, etc., withdraw some investment businesses in a planned way, concentrate resources on better industrial projects, and build a dynamic modern industrial system

according to the strategic concept and relevant planning, we will focus on promoting the upgrading and transformation of the group's traditional industries, accelerate the development of emerging industries such as LED, and start the business expansion of transportation projects, mergers, acquisitions, restructuring and environmental protection. On this basis, new economic growth points should be discovered and cultivated

second, we should highlight innovation driven and promote transformation and upgrading. Expand the vision and ideas of innovation driven, do a good job in the top-level design of innovation driven, deepen relevant incentive mechanisms, speed up the cultivation of innovative talents, and create an innovation driven industrial system

strengthen innovation drive, be the first and seize the commanding height. Carefully summarize and compare the internal and peer experience of substituting machines for people, reasonably and orderly implement relevant investment, and improve the level of production automation. Comply with the development trend of digitalization, networking and intelligence of products, accelerate the research and development, secondary development, multiple development and technical transformation of new electrical products

we should vigorously promote the deep integration of informatization and new industrialization. Delixiluo has made a good start in marketing. It is necessary to speed up the construction of e-commerce sales platform, mine big data information, accurately locate people, and interact online and offline to strive for greater breakthroughs

third, we should focus on increasing efficiency and controlling risks, and deepen fine management. Improve the organization and management system with Delixi characteristics to make it more flat and intelligent. Improve the information collection, analysis, summary and release system of the group's strategic management and annual business plan management at all levels, strengthen the process management of strategy implementation, the group's overall business plan management and strict budget and final accounts management, and improve the working mechanism of business analysis and financial analysis. Import and implement OA system, strive to complete the import of headquarters planning module within this year, and promote its application throughout the group, so as to standardize the process and improve the efficiency of internal management and communication

fourth, we should focus on the capital market and create a development platform. Looking back on the development process of Delixi, it is more through the industrial operation and endogenous development mode, mainly relying on its own accumulation and rolling development to achieve today's scale and height. In the future, it is necessary to deepen capital operation and create a growth platform for the subsequent development of the group on the premise of focusing on industrial operation. This year, efforts should be made in two aspects: first, continue to do a good job in the management of listed enterprises, improve their operation and management capabilities, and build and make good use of this platform; Actively promote the IPO process of Dexin transportation and the listing of Dechang environmental protection new third board. Second, through effective capital operation, promote the development and upgrading of existing industries, and promote substantial progress in the investment and operation of industries to be entered

fifth, we should rekindle our entrepreneurial passion and realize our dreams together. With the successful closing of the first 30 years, Delixi has entered a new round of entrepreneurship. The vision of Delixi is to build an internationally renowned enterprise group and realize the dream of Delixi. It is beautiful but difficult. All employees need to aim at the development goals and work at full power simultaneously to jointly promote Delixi's courageous and sustainable innovation and development. (the writer is the chairman and CEO of Delixi Group)

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