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Delixi was born in July, 1984. Under the leadership of founder huchengzhong, after more than 20 years of hard work, it has developed from a family workshop to a national large-scale industrial enterprise. The group mainly produces high, medium and low voltage electrical appliances, transmission, transformation and distribution electrical appliances and industrial automation control electrical appliances. At the same time, it is involved in comprehensive logistics, transportation, financial services, environmental protection engineering, renewable resources and other industries. At present, the group has more than 14000 employees, more than 70 subordinate companies, more than 700 cooperative enterprises, with total assets of 5billion yuan and brand intangible assets of 2.828 billion yuan. Its comprehensive strength ranks among the top 500 private enterprises in China

I. quality and excellent management. At the beginning of his business, huchengzhong went to Shanghai three times, invited engineers, borrowed money to run the first thermal relay testing room of a domestic private enterprise, and obtained the first national industrial product production license in Wenzhou. Since the establishment of the group, it has implemented strict total quality management, and has taken the lead in passing the three major new material industries in China, namely, product quality, environment and occupational safety and health. The scope of the new material industry in Shenzhen has increased from 59billion yuan in 2010 to 150billion yuan in 2015. All products have obtained CCC certification. The leading products have passed a number of international certifications and obtained a "pass" to enter the international market. Delixi Electric is widely used in manned spaceflight, Qinghai Tibet railway, nuclear power plants, airports, ports, oil fields, iron and steel companies such as Baosteel, Wuhan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., Baotou Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. and foreign aid projects

Delixi actively introduced the excellent performance management mode and insisted on creating a brand by quality. After winning the titles of China's well-known trademark, national inspection free product and China's famous brand product, in September 2005, Delixi also won the national quality management award, the highest honor in the field of quality in China. This indicates that the quality management of the group is in the forefront of national enterprises, and has moved from excellence to excellence

II. Invigorating enterprises through science and technology and helping to fly "Shenzhou". The Group invested more than 300million yuan to build a high-tech industrial park to realize the computerization of key parts manufacturing, digital display of parts quality inspection, semi automation of finished product assembly and computerization of finished product inspection. It has established three-level R & D systems in Germany, Shanghai and Wenzhou, established the first postdoctoral research workstation in the national electrical appliance industry, developed CD series products with intellectual property rights, and has more than 100 patents. As one of the main creators, Delixi I scientific research project won the second prize of the national science and Technology Progress Award in 2004. After successfully helping to fly Shenzhou V, Delixi developed a variety of new products for Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center, established an electrical testing center, and helped Shenzhou VI fly again in October, 2005. Delixi Electric has entered the high-tech aerospace field, marking that Delixi products have reached the domestic first-class and international leading level in terms of reliability and safety

III. innovative management and scientific development. Delixi strives to build an advanced manufacturing industry and form three major electrical manufacturing bases. Wenzhou is the electrical manufacturing base for low-voltage power transmission and distribution and industrial automation control, Hangzhou is the manufacturing base for automation instruments and meters, and Shanghai is the manufacturing base for high-voltage electrical appliances and complete sets of equipment, building the "Golden Triangle" industrial structure of Delixi

Delixi is the first to take the lead in network marketing. It has established a three-level sales and management system of headquarters marketing center, provincial sales head office and prefecture and municipal distribution companies, and has established 18 logistics centers and more than 1500 marketing points throughout the country. The marketing elites in Wenzhou have cleverly grafted on the brand advantages of Delixi, and won a good reputation in the market with complete varieties and specifications, preferential prices, timely delivery and excellent service

however, the valve is a mixed valve composed of three single valves. Disassembly is not only easy to change the performance of this group of solenoid valves, but also may affect the work of the other two valves, causing two times of pollution. Delixi actively opens up the international market and frequently participates in global exchanges. It has successively established trading companies in Hong Kong, investment companies in the United States, and general agents in more than 50 countries and regions. Since 1995, Delixi's foreign trade export volume has been ranked first among its peers in China, becoming a key export brand of the Ministry of Commerce and the largest low-voltage electrical appliance export base in China. On the basis of insisting on electrical manufacturing as the main business, Delixi implements diversified and specialized operation, and takes the road of "recycling the economy if patients have spinal degenerative diseases", developing towards ecological industry, and feeding the main business with good capital management

IV. repay humanity with virtue and promote harmony. Delixi actively created a learning organization. Huchengzhong, chairman of the board of directors, obtained a doctor's degree and the title of senior economist. He has successively published three theoretical monographs, namely, enterprise group innovation theory, corporate culture and brand strategy, and wealth and. With the encouragement and support of the company, it has become a common practice for employees to study hard. Taking corporate culture as the soul of the enterprise, Delixi has shaped the enterprise spirit of "unity, realism, innovation and development" with its unique value concept system and colorful cultural life, and won the special contribution award of Wenzhou excellent private enterprise culture. The company keeps the soul of its career, the mind of its feelings, and the treatment of its employees, creating a harmonious environment for all kinds of talents to fly their ideals and achieve great success. The company's ideological and political work experience has been determined by the Publicity Department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China as the national grass-roots advanced model; The trade union was awarded the title of "national model worker's home" by all China Federation of trade unions; The group has stridden into the ranks of "national civilized units" with honor

the Group strives to practice the corporate philosophy of "repay humanity with virtue and create the future". In recent years, it has donated more than 70million yuan to help the poor and support the hope project and philanthropy. Actively participated in the reform of state-owned enterprises and the development of the western region, merged Hangzhou Xizi group, advanced into Xinjiang, invigorated many state-owned enterprises, and solved the employment problems of more than 6000 employees of state-owned enterprises. Huchengzhong and other four members of the CPPCC National Committee and entrepreneurs have joined hands to build a modern logistics base, graft glorious undertakings with sunrise industries, and provide more jobs for rural areas in the central and western regions. Huchengzhong won the title of outstanding builder of the cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics, Zhejiang businessman for meritorious service in the development of the western region, and the medal for China's glorious cause, and was listed in the ranking list of Chinese philanthropists

Delixi's brilliant achievements have attracted the close attention of the party and state leaders and all sectors of society. More than 40 party and state leaders, including Hu Jintao, Jiang Zemin, Zeng Qinghong, Li Peng and Li Ruihuan, visited Delixi and showed great concern, which greatly encouraged and spurred all employees of Delixi

Delixi takes achievements as a new starting line, adheres to independent innovation, scientific development, takes the road of internationalization of market, brand, technology, production, talents, management and capital, and strives to build Delixi into an outstanding enterprise with strong international competitiveness

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