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On November 16, 2016, Hebei Machinery Design and Research Institute organized an expert panel to review the safety production of Langfang Deji Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. The expert review panel was divided into four professional groups. It reviewed 4 departments and 13 classes of Deji machinery. The traditional method of increasing wall thickness with single material to achieve thermal insulation can no longer adapt to the group of energy conservation and environmental protection. It spot checked 24 sets of various equipment and facilities, read 30 files of various materials, and visited more than 15 front-line employees. In addition, on-site review was conducted on 13 aspects of Deji machinery, including safety production objectives, safety production investment, organization and responsibilities, laws, regulations and safety management system, education and training, production equipment and facilities, operation safety, hidden danger troubleshooting and treatment. After the comprehensive review, the expert review panel agreed that Deji machinery has reached the national grade II Enterprise rating standard, and agreed to pass the acceptance. The answer is obviously the former

Deji machinery passed the second level standardization review of safety production

Deji machinery passed the second level standardization review of safety production

this safety standardization acceptance is the recognition of the safety production work of Deji machinery. Deji machinery will take this opportunity to continuously improve the safety management system and long-term safety production mechanism in its future work, strengthen the construction of safety production emergency system, and take the comprehensive development of safety standardization as the carrier to improve the comprehensive level of enterprise safety management. (this article comes from Germany to improve the market efficiency of new products)

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