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Deji machinery technology innovation has reached a new height

Langfang Development and Reform Commission, Langfang science and Technology Bureau, Langfang industry and Information Bureau, Langfang Finance Bureau, Langfang State Administration of Taxation, Langfang Local Taxation Bureau and Langfang Customs jointly issued the notice on Forwarding the notice on the recognition of enterprise technology centers in Hebei Province in 2015 (Langfa Gaiji [2015] No. 414), After comprehensive review by seven departments including Hebei Provincial Development and Reform Commission and expert review, the technical center of Langfang Deji Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. is identified as a provincial enterprise technical center

caiqunli, general manager of Langfang Deji Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Deji machinery" or "company I) batch experiment: samples with the same parameters) is the director of the technical center. In addition, the company's leaders and personnel from key departments such as technology, production, sales and finance form a technical committee; The company cooperates with the Highway Research Institute of the Ministry of transport, Hebei Tsinghua Development Research Institute and other scientific research institutions, industry associations and other experts and professors to form an expert committee. The technical committee and the expert committee jointly evaluate and make decisions on the development strategy of the technology center; And guide, consult, demonstrate and evaluate the development and construction projects of the company. The technology center undertakes the technical transformation of the company's existing products, the research and development of new products and technologies, and the application of new technologies and processes

through the construction of innovation mechanism, talent team, industry university research cooperation and continuous scientific research investment of 142 UPVC pipe fittings for water supply in the past decade, Deji machinery technology center has greatly improved the company's independent innovation ability and technical equipment level, continuously improved its innovation system, formed a number of core key technologies and key new products, greatly enhanced its R & D strength and endless innovative achievements, It has made great contributions to the protection and maintenance of fatigue testing machines for the sustainable development of the company

this promotion to Hebei enterprise technology center marks that Deji machinery has reached the advanced level of the same industry in China in terms of technological innovation, scientific research strength and innovation achievements. Deji machinery will stand at a new starting point, give full play to the leading role of the company's technology center, constantly improve the company's innovation system, accelerate the leading listing of environmental protection series innovative products, strengthen the upgrading and technical transformation of recycling equipment, optimize the company's product structure, continuously increase scientific and technological investment, continue to carry out the R & D, application and promotion of waste asphalt mixture recycling and mixing equipment, and continue to serve the promotion of national energy conservation and emission reduction, Continuously inject scientific and technological innovation and vitality into the development of the industry and the national circular economy

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