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Delcam provides the whole process service for automobile mold design

except for its chassis and engine, most of the other "parts" of each automobile are large and small "thin-walled parts", and these "parts" are produced through "stamping" and "injection molding" of various molds. Therefore, the design, processing and inspection of moulds have become very important. Delcam, a British company, has launched an all-round auxiliary software for mould processing

automobile die design generally includes two methods: forward and reverse. Forward design includes die structure design and process supplementary design. The structural design of the mold can be completed indoors, but the supplementary process design is needed to make the mold into shape. The breakthrough that can shorten the forward design cycle of automobile die is here. There are various 3D modeling software available in the market to complete the process supplementary design, but the effect of these common functions in improving the design efficiency of automobile mold is not obvious

in addition, in a model, it is usually only partially unable to meet the stamping process requirements, so it needs to be modified. At present, the local modification is often carried out in the way of re modeling, which greatly increases the workload. The global model function and global change function advocated by the powershape and PS diemaker modules of Delcam company can effectively improve the positive design efficiency of automobile molds, which is specifically reflected in the functions of complete product modeling design and rapid product deformation design

complete modeling is to use all the modeling capabilities of Delcam to create and manage models in the same environment. The uniqueness of the established model is the combination of solid model and triangle model as a cutting feature. All areas (including boss areas) can be dynamically deformed using morphing technology. Whether it is boss entities or morphing operations, they are associated features of entities, that is, they can be re performed. The characteristics of complete modeling are as follows:

* complete modeling integrates all modeling design methods, which is convenient for designers to use

* complete design can be carried out without any restriction, regardless of whether it is a new idea, 2D sketch or existing design

* designers can more easily combine different design methods, and can quickly see the results of changes

* the designed elements can be wrapped on the solid model, and can be adjusted by using the simulation deformation technology, which reduces the time of re modeling

* the complete modeling capability ensures the demand for innovative design in a short time

in addition to forward design, reverse design is often used in the design of automobile panel die, that is, physical scanning → processing point cloud → surface construction → processing preparation. Because this must be a serial process, sometimes it is impossible to prepare the workpiece before the surface comes out. However, it often takes several months to prepare the blank, resulting in extremely low efficiency of reverse design. Therefore, many enterprises give up the reverse design method. The key problem to be solved in reverse design is the parallel processing of design and machining

delcam has provided a complete set of solutions for "reverse design", including CopyCAD software for processing scanning point cloud and re modeling, powershape software for providing complete modeling and functions, and PowerMILL software for mold processing. CopyCAD module can run independently and generate STL model directly from scanned point cloud in a very short time. This model is not a surface model, but it can be used as a model for blank preparation and can be machined in PowerMILL machining software. The usual method is to reserve a certain machining allowance for the model, then make foam and cast to obtain the casting, so that the reverse design process and manufacturing process can go forward in parallel. After the blank is finished, if the design process is not finished, the rough machining and semi finishing of the die can be carried out according to the STL model, while the finishing allowance can be reserved. When the surface model is finally completed, the final finishing can be carried out. In this way, with the end of the design work, the processing of the mold also ends, which greatly improves the efficiency of the reverse process

the stage when a mold design is completed in the development room is only the first part of the whole development cycle. For the complex injection mold, the mold structure and core pulling mechanism, including the design of the parting surface and parting line of the mold core and cavity plate, the design of the cooling water channel, the design of the automatic side pulling structure, the design of adding mold standard parts, and various simulations after the completion of the whole mold design, including mold cavity removal simulation, automatic side pulling simulation, mold opening simulation, etc., are also required to ensure that the mold can be removed before it is actually manufactured, Solve all problems in the development stage

delcam's PS moldmaker is a scheme focusing on the final assembly of 3D solid models, which can design and assemble all parts in the mold. It contains a variety of mold standard parts libraries, and the automation of non-standard mold design is also higher

ps moldmaker not only continues to maintain its highly automated mold design function, but also highly integrates with all modeling and model analysis tools of powershape. 3. Jinan experimental machine brings great design flexibility from the perspective of utilization range. At the same time, it also has its unique function, that is, at any stage of mold design, users can exit the automatic design mode and use powershape to make some manual modifications to the design, Then continue to return to the automatic design mode to complete the new model design. This means that users can not only benefit from the simplicity and convenience brought by highly automated design, but also get highly accurate model design results according to their own needs without being limited by model size and complexity

in addition, PS moldmaker can generate 3D assemblies for solid models and list all components in the model. This function is more flexible due to the addition of a large number of parts catalogs from new standard component suppliers. In the process of mold design, the system will automatically prompt continuously. If possible, users are expected to select standard parts as much as possible. The system also suggests appropriate part sizes for parts that need non-standard parts. You can modify these suggested data and save non-standard assemblies in your custom part catalog for later use

ps moldmaker can design and assemble all parts and components in the mold

in addition to contacting us for problems with the mold, mold processing and testing are also indispensable links in the whole mold manufacturing process. Powersolution series software from Delcam, PS diemaker, PS electrode, etc. all these software form a complete service chain and wholeheartedly provide customers in the mold industry with full process information services

Figure 1: the powershape design software provided by Delcam for Shanghai Yanfeng Visteon company

Figure 2: the mold design software provided by Delcam for Chengdu Aerospace Molding Co., Ltd. has been highly praised by the company

Delcam PLC in the UK is the world's leading professional 3D cad/cam software supplier. Its software products are most suitable for products with complex shapes Design and manufacture of parts, tools and dies. It is widely used in aerospace, automobile, marine, internal combustion engine, household appliances, light industrial products and other industries. In particular, it has obvious advantages in the design and manufacturing of plastic mold, die-casting mold, rubber mold, forging mold, large panel stamping mold, glass mold, etc., accounting for more than 12% of the cad/cam applications in the global mold industry. It is the only cad/cam system in the world that has accurate modeling (wireframe model, surface model, solid model and triangle model) and art (relief) modeling. (end)

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