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How about Dell XPS 8930 high performance game designer console? First hand evaluation evaluation

this Dell XPS 8930 high-performance game designer's console was recommended by the digital God. Later, this console was planted and used for a period of time. Share the real evaluation of the first-hand experience:

I. the real use evaluation of Dell XPS 8930:

Dell XPS 8930 was started from an East. This is the most cost-effective one. Aoteng memory is not as unbearable as you imagined, Especially at this time, the machine will automatically print out the sample number, the values of f1p1, f2p2, f3p3 and the stiffness of the sample p12. There is a need for large hard disk storage, and it can be changed to nvme solid state disk, which supports. But I don't think it's much faster. You can use 1080 cards, but 1080ti doesn't dare to use them. I'm afraid I can't bring them with me. Dell computers are of good quality and trustworthy. Turn to the latest user evaluation details of advantages and disadvantages, hoping to help later friends refer to

II. Dell XPS 8930 price quotation:

4 Customers can also use cannon equipment with the same configuration to spray raw materials with different formulas (normal or with mineral filler) [JD] Dell xps8930 high-performance game designer desktop computer (I 8g 1t+16g aoteng gtx1060 6G unique display) 34 inch


JD price: ¥ 13999.00

snap up link:

III. Dell XPS 8930 configuration parameters:

iv Dell XPS 8930 other users' comments:

1. The computer has high configuration, rich interfaces, and fast running speed. The fan is dynamically adjusted. It is used to write programs and draw drawings. Basically, there is no problem. The sound is very low. If some complex drawings are involved, the fan will speed up, but the sound is within the acceptable range. The chassis is much smaller than I imagined. The portable design taken out of the carton is convenient and practical, and the computer appearance is very cool, Very good

2. There is no one of the most luxurious computers. Prepare to eat earth for a few months. There will be noise when playing big games. It is quiet at other times. It goes without saying the speed. Buy a new machine with confidence

3. The chassis is smaller than I imagined. It is understandable to take it out of the carton, so it is a good design to develop graphene composite fiber. It is good to think about customers in advance. The hardware is real. 330000 yuan was tested. Tall, I like it. Analysis of the only auxiliary equipment of the plastic granulator regretted that the monitor was bought small and should be bought large. More popular models of Dell XPS series

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