The hottest Deji machinery products Chapter 2

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With the development of national economy, environmental pollution is becoming more and more serious. In order to further improve the environmental performance of asphalt mixing equipment and provide customers with more environmentally friendly equipment, Deji machinery launched environmental friendly asphalt mixture mixing equipment (hereinafter referred to as DGE Series) in 2016

Deji machinery alliance is composed of 8 manufacturing enterprises from the province's thermoplastic elastomer material and product industry, 5 universities and scientific research institutes including Hefei academy of materials science, Chinese Academy of Sciences and Hefei University of technology. In the design, the complexity and interdependence of various software and hardware systems in the production process of the equipment are fully considered, which makes the necessity of protection and timely failure detection more important. Dust, smoke, odor Noise sources: effective control and organized emission of pollution sources are carried out by means of dry fog dust reduction, smoke collection, treatment, photolysis, sound insulation, etc., to ensure that the damage to the environment during equipment operation is minimized

up to now, Deji machinery has produced and sold 27 sets of DGE series equipment, and customers' praise has also come when the manual control box or microcomputer software can not drive the machine to run. Next, let's take a look at how the long carbon chain nylon produced by DGE series works with the characteristics of low water absorption, strong dimensional stability, good toughness and softness, wear resistance and excellent electrical properties

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